Jim Barker weight gain?

I think Jim gained some weight. Towards the waning seconds of tonights game, I could have sworn Jim looked 20 lbs. heavier from the video shots.

hey has gained weight since he first came up here in Feb 2010... these losses cannot be good for his stress level... which also contributes to weight gain

EZ, can you discuss something that isn't trivial? Just asking.

No kidding, if it's not about weight gain or uniform changes this guy has nothing to say. Waste of time.

The CFL is athletics and its reps are making a poor showing of themselves when they don't hit the exercise bike in the area of fitness.

In the same way MLB has YMCAs and other fitness facilities for its umpires, the CFL coaches need to creatively exercise and eat a well balanced diet...both on the road and at home. He can hit the 10 machine Gold's Gym workout routine too three times a week.

The guy with a full head of hair at Hamilton should start working out too. Noticed he's on my watch list.

I want to see a commitment to excellence like USAF standards. It's embarrassing. It's like seeing a fat pilot in a Star Wars movie, or an overweight nurse that smokes cigarettes giving out health improvement advice.

It needs to be engineered into their daily routines.

The CFL is doing quite fine according to my standards. If you don't hear from me demanding improvement, that's a great sign.

I get into 3 down ball with men in motion prior to the snap, and the rouge. The best way to shut me up is to do my suggestions.


Yes, that's all good and fine, but in reality you don't know the personal reasons for his weight situation. It's not as simple as "hitting the exercise bike" as you say. I used to like to run and workout until I broke my spine and shattered my ankle a few years ago, and now those things are difficult, and painful at best.

So leave the guy alone. You don't know what his situation is. And he's a coach, not a representative of the cfl.


Nonsense. Barker does not have a shattered ankle or a broken spine. He's not in the same boat as you.

I'm not an athlete in professional sports and I manage to workout 5 times a week.

Yes indeed; Jim Barker is doing a mighty fine job with his coaching development of QB Cleo Lemon too.

My point is that you don't know his situation, and it really it is none of anyone's business how fat or thin he is, and the reasons why.
Could you hold up to severe scrutiny in all aspects of your life? I have my doubts...