Jim Barker talks Zach Collaros

I don't know. His and his sidekick (Tillman) history shows that they aren't afraid to move on, even with a rookie : Kerry Joseph, Ricky Ray...

Ottawa: Did very well in the expansion draft, will win games
Toronto: Will be 500 or better
Montreal: Will be 500 or better
Hamilton: Could be the only East team with no proven starter at QB?

They have something in mind or Burris would be signed. But say they want each other but there is no contract so this is about money. Do they plan to go after Willey or Collaros ? Do they think one of their young guys can do the job. They've added two other QB's late last year. As for Montreal I don't know that I would not say that Smith an Marsh are proven starters and right now I don't see anything that points to a +500 season and I'm a fan !

I mean. If Winnipeg blow their load on Collaros or Willey. They are really in the driver's set negotiating with Henry and if the Bombers sign Burris. They become the main suitors for the two young guys. It's pretty smart.

Austin is very confident as we know. If he is confident that he has a QB or 2 even that he knows can do the job Burris will be gone. He knew wich QBS that he wanted to bring in and he got them right away. Trade for Masoli was first and then looking to the former NFL QB market Brohom was also acqied rather quickly. Stephen McGee also was signed very quickly upon his NFL training camp release.
IMHO Austin wants to have two if not all three of his QBs be able to play at a starters level if called upon. Like his former CFL QB rival and coach in Calgary Hufnagel has the same philosophy. Both seem to have that eye for a QB that others may be quick to dismiss.
Austin with Glenn and now McPherson. Austin the same with a younger QB in Masoli. All players that others took a pass on

Austin already was comfortable using 2 QBs last season on a regular basis and when called upon 3 and had full confidence in Masoli when he was called upon.

We will see how the future plays out but Chase Clement and Brian Brohom were tow available QBS ready and all in to come to the CFL Winnipeg chose Clement and Hamilton Brohom. Clement is already a footnote and Brohom sat quietly on the 9 game

One thing that Austin will not get caught in is the situation that Montreal and BC were caught in with back ups with little expereince who were clearly not ready to play, at least not yet

Their philosophy is that it gives them a competitive advantage across the roster by not having to pay premium money for a starting QB. I don't agree. Ray,Burris and AC have won what ? 80 percent of the last 10 GC.

For me, the two key signings are Collaros and Waters.

The only way they can afford Collaros is to pay him starter money hoping the next SMS increase is substantial and then worse case wait till everyone is signed and then pull the old cfl renegotiation trick on Ray. If that fails then they have the option to trade or release Collaros.

I read an article in the Scratching post stating that the Ticats are a dark horse for signing Collaros. I see one of these scenarios happening.

  1. Bombers open bank for Collaros, sign to a say 3 year deal. Burris re-ups in Hamilton for one year, Ticats also sign Drew Willy for future.

  2. Collaros actually re signs in Toronto (because as good as Ray has been last 2 years he's also been hurt often) Bombers move to plan B sign Burris and another developmental guy (Neiswinder?) Hamilton then lures Willy out of Saskatchewan.

  3. Hamilton comes out of nowhere, signs Collaros, Bombers sign Willy and Burris.

All I can say is teams better hope the Riders don't resign Willy otherwise whoever loses out on the Collaros sweepstakes could be hurting on their QB depth chart

I think this close to free agency. It is highly unlikely that any of these guys will sign extensions. Now if one does extend, it could have a domino effect and you could see guys get nervous and follow :wink:

I'd sure put him on a par with Ralph Brock! :slight_smile:

[quote=""HfxTC""] [b]My favourite Winnipeg QB in my time was Dieter Brock[/b]. What an Arm...I don't think I've ever seen a guy get that much amplitude on a ball. Its too bad he couldn't read defenses better. But he had an arm like Bishop and could lob it like Ray. [/quote] I'd sure put him on a par with Ralph Brock! :)
Not to be confused with Brock Ralph.

Still really hoping that the Bombers find a way to trade for Tanner Marsh, but I know it's unlikely.
Collaros will essentially end up in Winnipeg or Hamilton, same with Willy I would think. The wild card is Burris I suppose, I could actually see Edmnton bringing him in to fill the Joseph role, but Hamilton, Winnipeg or retirement seems more likely. I'm not really sold on Collaros, I'd be more comfortable with Willy as the starter in Winnipeg TBH, another name that never gets brought up it seems is Matt Nichols, although with his injury history, doubt too many teams would want him.

I am sold on Collaros and he is the real deal.
In fact, I have gone on record how my Argos should sign him and yes dare I say ahead or Ricky.
The kid is much younger and has a greater up side.

I tend to agree with you ArgoT, sure right now Ray is the better qb but I think I'd go for Collaros as well for the longer term.

Especially since this is a QB that we have developed and it has been a long time.

If Barker did that, he probably would have to find himself a new HC.

That's for sure. Milanovich and Barker know that Ray is still the guy. I'm not so sure Collaros is ready to be a number one QB just yet. Now that teams have a book on him, he will find it a lot more difficult to have the same success he did last year when he was new to the rest of the league. Still needs more experience IMO with a safety valve (veteran back up) to spell him when things start to go bad, which they will. That is when young QB's need that veteran guy to come in and take some of the pressure off. Too many young QB's get thrown to the wolves before they are ready and lose their confidence and never seem to get it back.

Upgraded it for ya.

[url=http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/01/27/ticats-qb-burris-could-end-up-signing-in-winnipeg]http://www.winnipegsun.com/2014/01/27/t ... n-winnipeg[/url]


It was a year ago this week that the Edmonton Eskimos traded for Mike Reilly to get exclusive negotiating rights with the quarterback two weeks before he was set to become a free agent.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers might want to do the same with Zach Collaros if they really desire his services, because there are rumblings in the CFL right now that the Hamilton Tiger-Cats could be a destination for the Toronto Argonauts backup.

The Bombers are the only team without a bona fide No. 1 quarterback right now, so the thinking is Collaros, who sources say is looking at Gil Scott or Dan Vertlieb to represent him in his upcoming negotiations, will head to Winnipeg on Feb. 15.

Not so fast, as it appears the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will figure significantly into what happens with Winnipeg's quarterback situation -- for two reasons.

First of all, there are more than a few people throughout the CFL who think veteran Henry Burris will end up signing in Winnipeg when he becomes a free agent on Feb. 15.

"Three people told me today they think Burris will end up in Winnipeg over the Ticats," a CFL source told the Sun.

Burris wouldn't exactly be a long-term answer for the Blue and Gold, as he will turn 39 years old during the first week of training camp, but he would give the reeling franchise an instant upgrade and be an excellent mentor for the team's young pivots.

The second factor in all of this is the Ticats are apparently very interested in bringing Collaros to Steeltown. They have not made any offers to Burris, and a source said the Ticats are hoping Collaros hears about their interest through the league grapevine. The Tabbies also have Dan LeFevour and Jeremiah Masoli in the fold, so Collaros could conceivably have a shot at the No. 1 gig there with Burris out of the picture.

Sources say the Bombers aren't convinced Collaros is a sure-fire No. 1 gun given his limited starting experience and wouldn't mind having a more experienced pivot on the roster to go along with him.

The way it's looking now, they might end up getting the experienced quarterback instead of Collaros.


The Bombers have knocked one more potential free agent off their list.

Defensive back Alex Suber, who was arguably the team's top player in the secondary during their dismal 2013 campaign, signed a two-year deal on Monday to remain with the club through 2015.

Suber, a halfback, has spent all four of his CFL seasons with the Blue and Gold. Last year he started all 18 games and tied for the team lead with two interceptions.

Suber's re-signing leaves the Bombers with 17 players who are eligible to become free agents on Feb. 15, most notably middle linebacker Henoc Muamba, wide receiver Chris Matthews and cornerback Jovon Johnson.

i have previously stated in the bomber forum, if Collaros is the bomber's plan A, then having Burris as their starter with Willy as his understudy is their plan B.
this article lends credence to that notion, even if it doesn't mention Willy at all. :lol: