Jim Barker says Calgary to Win

Barker said that if Calgary and the Riders play relatively mistake free football, few turnovers and few penalties, then Calgary will win because they have a better team. Heard it this afternoon on the fan 960. I believe him. The Riders are an inflated record team.

What else is the fat loser gonna say? Wont be the first time he's been wrong, LOL!!!


Calgary's offence, on a good day, is more explosive than Saskatchewan's.

However, Richie Hall's defence is waaaay superior to Calgary's D.

So I'm picking the Green Riders.

Richie Hall’s defence up to this year is always superior, but this year both teams defence stink! Last person to have the ball kicks a field goal to either win or lose the game.

Burris does not perform well under presssure, and what does this guy know, with the Stamps record this year they don't even deserve to be playing Sunday. Riders by 10

What do you expect him to say... :roll:

Swervin, every team played the exact same teams nearly the exact same amount of times this year. The Riders WERE that much better than those 6 other teams.

That is so radical.
The team that makes the fewest mistakes will win.
Never, ever heard that before.
And I've never ever heard a person from one team predict a victory for that team either.
Calgary does not have a better team.
If Barker actually believes that, he is an idiot.
Calgary may win--because on that day they might be the better team.
But if the Riders play their best game, and the Stamps play their best game--Riders win going away....
And Barker proves why he may be unemployed in a few days....

If that is the case, then what does that make the Lions? They faced the same teams, without their starting QBs, just as much as the Riders did, so I guess the Lions record is just as inflated.

Really , Mervin/RLR, what do you expect Barker to say? Really, do you expect Barker to say that we are going to lose on Sunday? He expects to win , just as much as Popp, Taman and Tillman expect their team to win this weekend. Your trolling , as usual.

Wow, the world's only 400 lb vegetarian really stuck his neck out this time... :slight_smile:

I guarantee that I will be watching the Stampeders play next week. 100%, take it to the bank.

Burris does fold in pressure and what better place to do it then at Taylor field, i really don't like this guy. I hope Perry and Chick are in his face all day.

I don't understand this statement.

Unless you're not factoring the Lions in (which you shouldn't, as we clearly were the better team).

...which is why greenandwhite said six other teams, instead of seven...

Fat loser... nice, real classy Kel. Real classy. Call the man stupid or retarded or a bad gm but don't mention his weight.

wow RLR with a mouth as filty as yours, i am really surprised that you can't take it back.
this isn't the 1st time you ran to mommy crying someone called me a name. twice this week.lol

tell me RLR are you a fat loser as well?....ok well i already know that you are a loser.

Grow up, people.

Who’s RLR?

Hey, I’m just saying. You can call down Calgarians, Lions Fans, Barker, Murphy, me, or whoever you want I don’t care but don’t bug a guy who is overweight thats a bit too personal.

ok fair enough. in fact i think it best if all the name calling & cut downs stopped.

but my beef is this. in the past i have read some really bad posts from you. you have said some things that really got under my skin. i've only got 1 nerv left & you've really aggravated it.
i didn't reply to those posts because i would go over the top.
however lately if i see a chance to get under your skin i seem to jump on it. i'll do my best to refrain from doing so from now on, if you keep makeing some decent posts.

now i will admit that lately you have made some pretty good posts, & those i do enjoy. but there are times when you go over the top so to speak.
you call it smack or something like that. i call it crap pure crap.
i feel that if you're willing to dish it out, then you should be equally willing to take it back.

i refered to you as RLR because you seem to be a clone. RLR got kicked out of this forum. i won't speculate why i'm just happy to see him,them,it gone.

saying that i hope to look forward to reading your posts, as opposed to avoiding them. opinions are fine, its the name calling & cutting down that gets me & you have done your fair share of that in the past imo.

you called Tillmans wife a b. Some nerve Mervin. You can't say anything to anybody.