Jim Barker Relieved of his duties

Wholeheartedly agree.
He has proven himself to be incapable.

Here's more on this topic , courtesy of Drew Edwards at 3DownNation

Five reasons why the Barker firing is another blight on the Double Blue :

[url=http://3downnation.com/2017/01/24/five-reasons-barker-firing-another-blight-double-blue/]http://3downnation.com/2017/01/24/five- ... uble-blue/[/url]

Drew Edwards echoes my sentiments exactly.

Jim Barker deserved to be fired.

Completely agree. Maybe there was a conflict behind the scenes about the direction going forward. Otherwise it just doesn't make sense. Maybe John Ferguson Jr is available. He did such a fantastic job with another sports team, :smiley:

That's not the issue at all. The question isn't whether he deserved to be fired but why on earth the Argos waited this long to pull the trigger.

Could be many reasons. They are part owned by Bell, not a company with a short chain of command or that moves quickly.

Possible that Barker's replacement became available recently.

Possible that Copeland was looking at how Barker would handle this off season regarding QB's Coaching, recruiting...

There is a lot of talent out there right now.

Popp, Abrams, Sunderland, Polian, Grigson....

I would wait to see how all this plays out before passing judgement.

You can bet that Scott Milanovich is now on a shorter leash than Paris Hilton's poodle!

It was time.

After it came out that he was hoping to be fired. It was just a question of time for his boss who hired him to be fired. Scott is on borrowed time. He may coach another season in Toronto at most.

We, Argo fans were so much looking forward to last year, with the new stadium and the GC.
The horrible on the field performance should have had the GM and HC walking the plank even before the last game.
Then the GC overpricing fiasco, this should have sealed the deal with Copeland.
The team is now and I thought this would not be possible even in a worse position than at the Crap dome years.
Not to mention even more irrelevant in this market place.

Yeah, I agree with this level of disappointment.

From Copeland’s last letter to the STHs, he stated there would be a thorough review of the team’s operations. All this amounts to is the firing of the GM? And now nothing further to be expected, presumably under Barker’s successor is in place.

Copeland was on TSN 1050 this morning and one of the things he said in terms why it took so long as they were reaching out to other CFL and sports teams for advice (paraphrase).

Copeland pretty much admitted he doesn’t know squat on the football side and until the next GM (assuming the football Guru to) is in place, this is going no-where and we’re in for a long rebuild.
In that case, it really doesn’t matter if we don’t a have GM when free agency hits. We’ll get scraps as no one has here on top of their list. We have no first rounder so the draft just becomes a crapshoot so let Zimmerman handle that.

Also a bit strange that the new GM has to inherit Zimmerman, the newly appointed Asst. GM. Most would like to pick their own staff.

YOur new owner has very strong connections south of the border. Like other teams in Toronto. I suspect that we will see some world class talent hired to rebuild that franchise. Sadly Braley held out to very last moment and it is not reasonable to expect a different result in year one.

As for Grey Cup pricing, you can hold the BOG responsible for the fiasco. They took their multi-million dollar cut out of that game wether them revenues were there or not and clearly in that small a stadium in a market with an almost extinct CFL fan base was idiotic and selfish.

The timing might coincide with a certain former CFL head coach exhausting his coordinator opportunities down south (I don't want to let the cat out of the bag so he'll remain nameless at this time). The deal is likely already done, now we're waiting for the big announcement...breaking news which should lead Toronto newscasts (unless the BJ's sign another minor-league pitcher). Milanovich is in limbo until the new Argo superboss decides to keep him as HC/Asst. HC/OC...or not.

I'm not convinced its Trestman. If it is we are looking at a similar situation to that of Saskatchewan and Hamilton and both have hardly been successful.

.....A little late in the day don'tcha think....Barker (former hamburgler) will find somewhere else to park...like Lyle has suggested...most likely Wpg...He certainly okayed a trade that heavily favoured the Bombers and who will likely be his new employer...Maybe he was thinking ahead....Whatever has been said about him he does have connections and knows our game....We shall see where he lands...He definitely would be a better hire than 'sleepy Joe Mack'...As for Milo....rumour has it he has told a friend he would like to 'move along'...I think the argo brass will grant him his wish.

The first call I would have made months ago would be to Tillman to see if he had any interest coming back again and if so whether he can get out of the contract.
I suspect by giving him the combined GM and VP of FOP would do it as this is seen as an advancement from his current GM title only.

I would say Brendan Taman is a contender for the GM position. However, the only problem with that is the former GM traded the first overall pick for a broken QB. It's Brendan Taman's job to trade away picks for import players dagnabbit!

Well the fat vegetarian is gone and I wouldn't doubt that he signed 'Limp' Willy knowing he would be fired and to screw over the team. If it really is because he thought 'Limp' was good, then I'm even more glad that he's done. Now Milosh!ts has to be next. Hopefully the new GM doesn't have his hands tied and he can cut Milo and 'Limp' loose.

This right now is lining up to be just much of a gong show as the stupid crap we keep hearing out of Washington. People way over their heads and not having a bloody clue.