Jim Barker Relieved of his duties

So it has begun

[url=http://www.tsn.ca/barker-relieved-of-duties-as-argos-general-manager-1.656828]http://www.tsn.ca/barker-relieved-of-du ... r-1.656828[/url]

Trying to put my finger on the timing. Perhaps a new GM (and football guru) to be named soon?

Yeah, the timing is really weird/terrible. If they wanted him gone, why wait until late January? They are now two steps behind everyone else for the 2017 season.

Too bad Joe Mack has already been snapped up by Mtl...

How long after the Henry Burris retirement presser will the Argos take to announce the hiring of Jim Popp as GM?

Yup , I gotta agree , while it doesn't surprise me at all that Barker finally got toasted why would the team leave it so long ? It especially makes no sense whatsoever when you consider that the FA market is set to open in only 3 weeks time . Like I said it was long overdue to tie the can to Barker and kick him to the curb but one has to question the timing of it by the team. The question also has to be asked just how long before Milanovich follows Barker out the door into the unemployment line ? or if he will be retained for now on a very short leash ?

Best Drowsy Joe line EVER! Classic! :cowboy:

Mack got snapped up by a wild-eyed panicky Mavis Reed - who really didn't know anyone else but Mack - who he met when both were stealing money from an itinerant bomber board.

As for Bulbous Barker - I suspect he could end up in a couple CFL camps. His most valuable asset (besides his enormous appetite, good for local economies) is his ancient rolodex of American contacts (coaches, ADs, asst. ADs, NFL house-boys, player lists, etc.)

Either Winnipeg or Sask;n could use such a list. Corky is a bit younger than Barker - and he has his own contact lists. Winnipeg's Walters, their CEO Miller and even their head coach O'SHea have a paucity of southern contacts (other than their tired old subscription to Football Weekly newsletter) so Barker could end up in Wpg. complementing Hacksaw Danny - who really hasn't brought in much so far - a bunch of tired old hobo DLs, under-sized/under-powered LBs, big great-handed WRs & QBs. He did bring in a monster LG in Travis Bond - but 1 spot when 6 are needed is an epic fail. If Barker has more gas in the tank Wpg. might get him cheap as Toronto still has to pay him his GM salary for however many years left on his contract.

Spock Milanovich should have got canned first.

Yes, and even the retaining of Milanovich is ambiguous. He's staying on "until the new GM is in place"? They can't surely mean that he'll be fired once the new guy is in charge, can they? So I think that your last suggestion of M being on a short leash is probably how they'll go. If the Argos start OK, great. If they start on a winless skid or struggle, I'd expect the axe to fall on Milanovich in short order.

"Dear Argos Fans,

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is committed to building a best-in-class organization that consistently plays dominant and exciting football, and wins championships.

Once last season concluded, we established a process to comprehensively review all aspects of our football operations to determine the best course of action to achieve our goals. From the outset, we made it a priority to take the time and dedicate the proper resources to get this right.

We recently completed our review and determined that we require the kind of fresh approach that only comes from new leadership. To that end, we announced this morning that Jim Barker has been relieved of his duties as General Manager.

On behalf of our entire organization, I would like to thank Jim for his efforts and many contributions over the past seven years. He helped deliver the 100th Grey Cup to Toronto in 2012, and that will forever define his legacy as an Argonaut.

Significant changes like this are often made directly after the season. However, having just completed our first year as a new organization, we felt that it was important to take the necessary time to comprehensively review all aspects of our operations before making any decisions. Thank you for your patience and continued support throughout this process.

We have a solid plan to find our next football operations leader, and we will put it into action immediately. We aim to have someone in place as soon as possible, without compromising the search process.

We also announced today that we have promoted Spencer Zimmerman to Assistant General Manager. Zimmerman will direct the team’s player personnel decisions while the search process is underway. We have tremendous confidence in Spencer to continue the important and immediate business that is required to improve our football team this off-season and prepare us for a successful 2017.

Scott Milanovich remains in his position as Head Coach, and no further organizational changes are contemplated at this time.

We are now moving forward with an ambitious plan for our team that will deliver positive results in 2017, and a strong foundation for continued success in the seasons that follow.


Michael Copeland"

They didn't fire him without hiring his replacement first.

Copeland = Clue Out. What in the hell is he and this organization thinking? No sense of urgency in a market that has almost forgotten the team exists. This move should have been done right after our last game. Milo should have had the can tied to his butt as well. Now this fool is starting his search for a new gm? Barker did plenty of damage heading forward with a new contract handed our to Drew 'Limp' Willy.

The boat continues to sit on the bottom of the lake after Bob and Milo ran it into a rocky outcrop last season. Better find this new GM ASAP so he can start work on getting the Good Ship Argonaut as least floating again.

We better keep our first pick for next year as it will be the first overall.


Doesn't matter. The new guy can't start working until the old guy is fired. They have hosed themselves for 2017.

This is supposed to be a professionally run team and it's a head shaking version of The Twilight Zone. WTH is this organization doing? We've seen this type of crap in the past but man the future was supposed to be bright and they have just run this team into the ground real fast. Just a farce.

There is only one possible GM candidate that can bring the Argonauts back to their glory days, and I urge Copeland to hire him immediately - Danny Maciocia!

Exactly. They had to wait until Burris made up his mind to play QB for another season or be the Argos new GM. :o

Seriously, though, I wonder who it will be.

Feel bad for him. He went thru a lot in Toronto during the bad times.

CFL being purged of the old boys club is a good thing.

This is a team from top to bottom that simply can't shoot straight.
Even getting this firing wrong and like most have said should have occurred right after the season.

:thup: :thup: :thup: Time for a new era. Now if we can just get rid of some of the old boys owners who insist on running the league like a mafia...

Ya but Kev yer such a nice guy you feel bad for everybody !!! :slight_smile: :wink: