Jim Barker OUT - - Milanovich IN

Good step in the right direction for Toronto to bring in Milanovich to take over as HC. Not sure if he can find a way to bring MacPherson along with him, but even if Milanovich brings a JUGGS machine from Montreal it'll be an improvement over anything they've had at QB over the past few years.

I hope this means Milanovich will get to bring in his own OC and DC as well.

Anything would be an improvement over the bag of rocks Toronto has used for the past two years as OC, but would be good to see the old Argo QB Marcus Brady come along to run the offence for Milanovich. Can’t argue with the results Brady has gotten as the receivers coach in Montreal.

And to round out the new trifecta in Toronto, how about Mike Sinclair as the new Argo DC. Again, great resume when you consider the success Bowman, K Williams, Stewart and McElveen have had with him.


Braileys team making an announcement so soon after Braileys team won the cup, as if Braileys team was trying to take some of the limelight away from Braileys team.

either that, or Braileys team is disrespecting Braileys team.

I think Braileys team was hoping Braileys team would deflect some of the spotlight so Braleys team could slip one in under the radar. Pretty smart of Braleys team, my only question is did Braleys team conspire with Braleys team to take advantage of this opportunity or am I just a mad conspiracy theorist think that Braleys team has an clue what Braleys team is up to.


Looks like a very good move on the surface, just hope that our new HC has full control. I would personally show Mr Barker the door as well, but we can not have everything.

First order of business should be to sign Michael Bishop to a multi year deal, after first cleaning house of ALL current Argo QB`s.

To the fellow that suggested McPherson, vastly over rated in my book

...as is Bishop.

nonono to bishop
dont even want burris would rather have jyles

Hey I guess it`s in the eye of the beholder. Personally I feel Durant is highly over rated

And the head coach turnstile continues. I expect nothing more than mediocrity from the Argos next season.

As I've said on another thread, this Ti-Cat fan agrees with you 100%. :wink:

I would expect a TiCat fan to agree with that. Leave Bishop wherever he is, unless he's going to sign with Hamilton then get him up here now. 8) Don't both with Burris unless he's your #1 from the day you sign him. And that goes for anyone else. The #1 jobis either Jyles to lose or it's given to someone better entering camp, the last thing they need is another Joseph/Bishop fiasco.

The more I think about it this Argo fan does think Bishop would be a fantastic fit in steeltown. :wink:

Are you somehow equating mediocrity with coaching turnover? The team in your avatar brought in a new HC, their 3rd coach in the past four years, and had a pretty good turnaround this season.

Probably, but not because of the HC. Milanovic is a good pickup, but the Argos just don’t have the players to go from last to first in a single year. Winnipeg did that because last year they were so close in so many games that the difference in those games was pretty minor. That’s not the Argo situation.

I’m starting to think that stampsstamps is Bishop’s agent.

Wow. This board is getting really nasty. I think that it's time for the Mods to step in! NOW!!!! :smiley:


I saw Naylor talking about this on Twitter last night. Not a bad move. Now Barker can focus completely on what he should've done last off-season, which is find new talent to improve the team!

Until there's an official announcement from the Argos (which there hasn't been) take any speculation by the media as just that - speculation. Seems to me this isn't the first time they have reported Milanovich was going to be Argo's HC.

TSN's saying an announcement is days away, and now there's a report about Chris Jones also joining the Argos.


Perhaps down the road it could be true; Henry Burris lands in Toronto...

IF Toronto can pull off these two hires, kudos to to them. They're raiding the league in terms of coaches. I'm very interested to see why Chris Jones would make a lateral move to Toronto though. Is adding "assistant coach" to your responsibilities enough to make you move? Especially since that team is hiring another young coach as head coach.

I hate the Ti-Cats with every fibre of my being. It's just part of being an Argo fan and if a Ti-Cat fan told me he didn't hate the Argos I'd know he wasn't a true Ti-Cat fan.

That said I would never want to see the team fold or move. Best part of sports is the intense rivalry and the Argos and Cats, as much as they hate each other, need each other. Labour Day just wasn't Labour Day this year for that reason. :twisted:

I still hope Bishop goes to Hamilton. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: