Jim Barker in line for Ti-Cats GM Position?

Found this article to be interesting.


8) Interesting article indeed !! Thanks for that link.
   As the old saying goes,  Where there's smoke, there is usually fire !!

This was from Steve Milton. I guess Cortez will be the GM. If so, I don't like this move. I'm not sure he is a good judge of talent ( i.e., sitting Cobourne for Walker for one).

Well, first of all, understand that George Cortez isn't going anywhere. Except, hopefully, ahead - with his eyes a little more wide open. He's got three years left on his contract - reportedly worth a total of more than a million bucks - is respected by those above him, and will become even more heavily involved in personnel next year with the expected promotion of v-p Bob O'Billovich even further upstairs.

Leave Cortez where he is and if Obie is leaving, Bob should try to pry Wally Buono away from BC. Now there is a guy who can spot talent.

Why would Buono leave BC to come here? Listen, I can understand wanting the guy to come based on his record of success, but he's just been kicked upstairs in BC to concentrate solely on GM duties. He's not going anywhere, I don't think.

I fully support the replacing of Obie, but let's not start putting the cart before the horse. Replace Mitchell first, then talk about who should come as GM. Remember, winning starts at the top.

" As long as Mitchell and Obilovich are within an hour's drive of Hamilton. I doubt very much anyone will leave the Als organization to come to Hamilton. In fact I'm pretty much certain."

Money talks and BS walks. McCarthy lives on the Hamilton mountain..........a little incentive (money) and McCarthy would be back here in a heart beat after Obie gets the boot. McCarthy has the capability of turning this team around with talented
players. Obie has done squat over the past 4 years.

I would gladly go with McCarthy

This quote from the Winnipeg Free Press column supplied by moscamania makes me think Drew Allemang should remain with the Tiger-Cats:

   "Allemang is regarded as one of the top young minds in the CFL."

If this is correct, why would we want to let him go?
Get McCarthy back here as GM or make Allemang GM asap and let him get to work on the future. Cortez should stay as HC for another season to see what he can do with the 2013 version of this team.
There...now that's solved we will be in the Grey Cup next year. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pretty incredible outfit. The more the suckage, the more you get promoted. The tech bubble made a lot of people look smarter than they are.

Wally may want to move for a lot of reasons; cash, money, more lucrative contract, higher salary and a bigger paycheque. There is also the challenge of building a team rather than maintaining a good franchise. And, there is always the cash.

If he is leaving, the reason is a mystery. The article was very cryptic about it, no reasons given at all.

I do too and yes he does; have met the man once and that did nothing to change my positive impression of the guy.

Oh, you prefer 6-12 do you ?

The article inferred there may be personality conflict issues. I believe Barker was hired by his friend and former Argo CEO Bob Nicholson. I don't know how Barker gets along with current CEO Chris Rudge.

Jim Barker having a personality conflict with someone? Who could imagine such a thing? :wink:

No I prefer to be above.500, We have allready been 3-15, 9-9, 9-9, 8-10 and 6-12 with Obie, I want someone who will get us a winning record and I simply dont think that Jim Barker is that person.

If it is Tillman, Barker or McCarthy, I still take McCarthy

Never gonna happen. Wally is too close to retirement now, he's not going to move all the way across the country.

I agree...

Of those three,McCarthy would be my choice...

Me too.

no more ex argos thanks.....it seems like they have a hidden agenda...