Jim Barker in line for Ti-Cats GM Position?

Rumours are circulating today that Jim Barker will not be back with the Argos next season. Bob O'Billovich will turn 73 years old next year and must be nearing the end of his tenure as GM here.
Would this move make sense for the Ti-Cats?

Barker is a joke. A bad one, but a joke nonetheless. No, thanks.

Here's a thought. Bring in Greg Marshall, Western University coach. He knows the CIS players very well and that's a big plus for the draft. Ok, I know that won't happen and I'm sure Greg doesn't have the connections down south to bring players here to Canada. But just a wild thought on a Friday afternoon.

Perhaps the best for evaluating talent was a guy named Mike McCarthy, anybody remember him?
He beat the bushes and came up with some great and talented players over the years when he was with the Cats.
Anyone know what he's doing now or if he's even available?
The last time I spoke with him which was a few years back he was still living on the Hamilton Mountain and working for Montreal ,we all know they haven't been very good over the years (tongue in cheek)
He would definently be a great addition to the front office.

Immediately after he was dumped by Bob Obilovich, he was hired by the Als on a contract basis and the follwing year made a full time scout in Montreal where he and we are very happy.

Barker is a pantload.

Yet another instance that illustrates our stellar talent evaluating skills...

I agree...

McCarthy is the first guy I thought about assuming O'Billovich gets his walking papers...

I wonder how much Mr. Young is prepared to pay to get a proven talent evaluator out of Montreal?

Just a quick reminder... Jim Barker's second, third and FOURTH string players beat Bob O'Billovich's first stringer$$$ at the Rogers Centre last evening.

If Jim Barker is responsible for most of the talent assembled on the Toronto team, he may be a good fit. Obie has not kept up with the other teams when finding good talent. The Canadian draft has been a disater the last few years. I like the thought of Mike McCarthy coming back. Mike is a great talent finder and talent evaluator. I beleive Mike was a player scout for Montreal a few years back. The only reason he was not a player scout with Hamilton is because Obie and Mike don't like each other. Obies best before date expired 5 years ago. However, if there is a young talented indiviual who has a great eye for talent and is a great negotiator, bring that person in. Unfortunately people are forgetting Joe Womack was brought in to replace Obie if my memory serves me correctly.

And Barker's team is precisely 9-9 with seemingly alot of talent..

Are you saying we should aspire to mediocrity once again??

Braker has never been more than a mediocre coach and a mediocre GM....

No thanks...This would be another bad move by a front office that's made alot of bad moves over the last 8 years...

I think we will see Womack take over from Obie.

Bedder is bedder needed to make room for Rambo :roll:

McCarthy chalks that up to a scouting system that he says is miles - or kilometres - ahead of other CFL teams. The way Montreal creates reports on players is modelled after NFL teams' systems. A big part of that is concentrating on a bunch of likely candidates rather than everyone in the NCAA and providing regular scouting updates so proper decisions can be made.

Other teams don't do the same?

"No way, " McCarthy says. "Noooo way."

Finally, you work at it 365 days a year, always with a realization that if you let down your guard or relax, it can all fall apart rather quickly.

Barker as GM is the worst idea I've heard since Taaffe as HC...

McCarthy is a very good idea. Thanks for mentioning it. That would immediately give me some confidence that we were headed in the right direction.

As long as Mitchell and Obilovich are within an hour's drive of Hamilton. I doubt very much anyone will leave the Als organization to come to Hamilton. In fact I'm pretty much certain.

I thought rumours are forbidden on this forum. Your gonna have to provide proof or reveal your sources otherwise the forum police will be after you. :cowboy:

Reported in an article by Frank Zicarelli in the Toronto Sun today.

I didnt look for the article but I wonder why he is leaving Toronto?
I actually kind of like Jim Barker, he seems like a good guy. I still dont want him here though for reasons others have mentioned.ie Torontos 9-9 record.

This has to be a joke. Who would want the guy who thought Cleo Lemon was a good QB?