Jim Barker fined and banned from sidelines !!!!!!!

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#CFL fines #Argos GM Jim Barker $2.5K, bans him from sidelines for "attempting to communicate" with official on key play vs. #Ticats

CHCH just reported the caretaker got 10k fine for critcizing league officials in regards to the incident. So, now I'm debating picking up a new pair of gloves at the Ticat store to help him offset it.


So Bob got fined $10,000 for stating that Barker broke the rules and the officials needs further improvement, Barker who bladantly broke the rules got fined $2500 and banned from the sidelines for the rest of season …What a joke and how arrogant the CFL Front office is !!! I guess they don’t like to hear the truth.

God, how I hope we meet the Blew team in the playoffs !!!

Agree Mr. Pike. Good on Caretaker to call a spade a spade! The CFL just wants Toronto to win games, well, sometimes it seems like that. :roll:

Fine both the same amount, Barker is sitting right now in his chair laughing I bet.

I think the point from the cfl is that BY accused the refs of being influenced by barker, thereby questioning the refs integrity which is not allowed. I am guessing if BY refrained from suggesting the barker had been successful in doing so and only said that he was attempting to do so, no fine.

Yeah, that fits with TiCat persona. Barker breaks the rules and gets $2500 fine. Caretaker points out league error and nets a $10,000 fine!
Standard treatment!

I want to see a couple inches leeway on this, I mean how parallel are the line anyways on a football field where they take away the lines like in the RC? Has to be a an inch or two leeway. This needs to be discussed by the rules committee in the off-season.

Barker broke the rules , plain and simple, there should have been a penalty .........End of story .

Unbelievable! The truth must hurt these pompous asses at the CFL head office. :thdn:

Thanks Bob Young, for sticking your neck out for our team. :thup:

No way. Offside is offside. And there’s a HUGE WIDE LINE PAINTED ON THE FIELD that players can see and know (or at least should know) to stay behind. This is the one place on the field where there’s no question about whether a player is across the line. And if you give offside leeway, how about the ball crossing the plane? “Meh, close enough. It was only a couple of inches short of the line. Call it a touchdown.”

Also, can you imaging the stink that would have been raised had they not called it, and the Ticats had gone on to win the game? Argho fans would be screaming that the officials gave us the game, and would have the video evidence to prove it, no argument.

Face it. Plesius screwed up. Not the only Ticat to screw up in the game, but the most visible.

Yes Plesius screwed up and got called , but why not Barker ? THAT IS THE ISSUE !

as Bob Young said, there should have been two penalties called, one against the Argos/Barker for blatant coercion of an official.

The fine money is probably going to the Argos to help keep them from going broke. That's just chump change to the boss. :roll:

The Caretaker took it on the chin ( in the wallet ) for his players. Now it's time for the players to get pissed and go out and do what BY is paying them for.WIN FOOTBALL GAMES!!!

This says Barker was fined for “violating the league’s sideline policy by positioning himself on the goal line directly behind an official, and attempting to communicate with that official” To me, that “attempting to communicate” says he DID SAY “something” to that official So, through Mr. Barker’s “violation”, the Cats lose the turnover, the game and $10,000. He wins the turnover and the game but loses $2,500. and his future freedom to roam the sidelines. Having him where he was on that play made the CFL look bad. This CFL “justice” makes the league look even worse.

Well, the 10k is self-inflicted…

It was. But, would the league have acted, as they have with Barker, if Caretaker hadn’t taken up the cause?


Pathetic. Makes the CFL look corrupt. Barker should have been fined at least as much as Young. What he did was shameful, totally unsportsman like and hurts the image of the cfl. I never liked him before but now truly despise him. Let the Argos fold!!!

Barkers Statement

Toronto Argonauts general manager Jim Barker and Hamilton Tiger-Cats owner Bob Young were each fined by the CFL on Wednesday for their actions last week.

Barker was fined $2,500 for violating the league's sideline policy by positioning himself on the goal line directly behind an official, and attempting to communicate with that official during Saturday's game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.
He will also not be permitted on the sidelines during play for the remainder the regular season and playoffs.

"I made a mistake and I accept the fine and the subsequent sanction as determined by the CFL office," Barker said in a statement. "It was not my intention to be outside of the player box as per the CFL sideline policy. In fact, I was making my way to the designated area and I was waiting for the series end. My actions were in no way pre-meditated and I did not intend to communicate with the official."

Young has been fined $10,000 for his public comments criticizing CFL officiating after the Tiger-Cats loss to the Argonauts.