Jim Barker added to Ticats Staff

Wasn’t it Barker who was the hated GM a few years back, by all TiCat fans? Wasn’t it he the Toronto GM who supposedly coached from the sidelines, at the 5 yd line, a linesman to call a penalty against our team at an extremely critical moment of a playoff game which we lost? I’m not sure, but if it was Barker, should we not still hate him now or do we forgive this TiCat killer?

Ever since known as the “Blue Blob”
screaming OFFSIDE IN THE OFFICIALS EAR and a late flag is thrown

Barker was fined $2500 for where he was on that play

Caretaker was fined $10K for what he said afterwards :o


An HC living and dying with every play and doing everything he can to get an advantage.
Man, what’s that like ?

And I sent an email to the commissioner and head referee. Why was he standing behind the referee at the goal line. What a pant load.

Everyone in the league has been a Ticat killer at some point. With the reduce/reuse/recycle pattern at all levels of the CFL, we can’t hate them all once they join us.

(Otherwise we’d have to hate guys like Steinauer, O’Billovich, Tillman, etc. Not to mention players like Hajrullahu, Collaros, Chad Owens, Sinkfield, Bruce III. Interesting that the tide seems to have slowed in recent years. Lately it’s mostly the Argos who steal players from us.)

With the thread having received 214 replies and 30,000+ reviews it’s suggestive that Barker was at the root of that scandalous moment that ultimately cost our Caretaker 10 G’s. All is forgiven? Or Forgotten? Or accounted for in Barkers contracted renumeration. :wink:

I get your intent there, but he was the GM at the time, not the coach. And anyway, he was clearly out of the coaching area. I seem to recall that not only was he fined, he was banned from the sidelines for the remainder of the season. Did the crime, paid the dime, I suppose.

I still don’t like the guy, although I have to (grudgingly) admit that his appearances and input were a definite asset to the TSN panel this past season.

What HC are you referencing?

That’s unreal!