Jim Barker, Adam Rita, E-camp players and metric

[url=http://www.Rougeradio.com]www.Rougeradio.com[/url] show 3 of 2011 welcomes 2010 CFL Coach of the Year Jim Barker to the show. CFLnews with legendary Adam Rita, CJFLnews with Tom Hallick and music this week by Canadian band 'Metric'. http://bit.ly/el4wfp


Lovin this season so far, keep it up :slight_smile:

PS, did u know there's a Rouge Radio avatar?? ====>

Good job RR!

RR…this is a very good show…great idea and tremendous work.

Thanks for your comments. Please pass us onto your friends and family. Trust me when I say we don’t make any money off this. We just want to offer another and different media for fans to follow canadian football across this great country. We love fan input and suggestions.

you should make money from this. Its not something you should apologize for if you do.
good luck…

We hope to be breaking even soon and make a profit to put towards marketing. We all have full time jobs and would like to do this fulltime, but understand there are hurdles in the canadian market and getting people interested, good points though