just trying to let you guys catch up

....thats a pretty good one actually...

this run down has been lousy good for nothing football team! you actually took me serious! :lol: ACtually I was not kidding! :lol:

....that's right might my son....has in the past tense....i think you would have to agree that as of late....tied for first in our powerful division...makes us AS GOOD in the you are in yours....and I'M not kidding... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

strong division??? that is up in the air for question lol. but i do like the idea of being tied for 1st makes our season have a little more promise son knows i sometimes...not very often ...with tongue in cheek.. :wink:

It wasnt so long ago either that the west basement was painted red for several years on end, some seem to have short memories or very selective ones. A couple seasons above .500 and their GC contenders, funny how that works, seems its not only Bomber and Rider fans who can get over enthusiatic about their teams.

like that matter, if we are such a run down team, then why do we have a greater history of winning GC than our friends in the million pop city of Calgary? We maybe in a dought now, but doughts end sooner or later.

....I didn't deny the history, but what have you done lately is the argument?.....half your GC wins came when leather was the choice of helmets (no offense hank, it looks good when you wear it), yes it does matter imo....a lot more relevant than the population of Calgary, that's a weird thing to insert in this debate....

...i don't recall Leo Lewis ..or Kenny Ploen ever wearing leather helmets when they won a few Grey Cups....but i sure do remember some real good lickins' that they laid on the stamps...and a few other clubs for that matter....GoBigBlue... :lol:

...bit of artistic license there I'll concede....the hard shell plastic helmet with internal webbing was introduced into the sport in the early 50's....chances are the BBs had these when they won their GC in '58....

dude, 9 of our last Grey Cup were in the modren version of the game!

....1939 is hardly modern.....


not inculding 1935, 1939, 1941

that more than half of our GC were in the modren era of the CFL.

....ah yes, but not nine as you stated right?....and, my opinion, 58 to 62 isn't really modern either.....offenses were still entrenched in the run game....the advent of the West Coast Offence marks the modern era of football to me....

not nine, my bad, but still.

if 58 to 62 isn't modren, then what year did the modren era of the CFL start?

...I believe I stated that already....and it's just my opinion....there could be arguments for or against it.....

My modern era would include the 80s & 90s so that makes 3 cups for the blue & gold, oh and the one that got away in 2001, should have been 4.

You could make an argument that the modern era came about when the forward pass was introduced!

Good Call!