If you have something to say to me, PM me. Keep it off the board. Mods, deal with this clown.

oh btw, the Bombers have been destroyed in 50% of the games they've played this season. Hardly the cause for celebration.

Hey mate, start celibating with you "team" (assuming the Bombers are your team) a bit when they do win, ok? then posters like myself will not call you on it.

and yet we can, and likly will still make the playoffs, and have a shot at winning the Grey Cup at home.

…what exactly would you have us do with him?..

yeah, cuz they have tried every trick in the book to deal with me.

  1. shooting
  2. hanging
  3. drowning
  4. beating
  5. stapping a hawthorn though my creast
  6. burning
  7. chrushing
  8. etc etc etc

they have done it all. :lol: j/k

  1. logic

....that doesn't work, either....

Anyone try beating him with a dictionary

yeah, Bluebombers did that, and I still came back to life. :lol:

Didn't work either. :roll: painful is that....strapping a hawthorn through your must have been really painful.....i.m telling you kanga sure make my day sometimes... :lol: :lol: :lol:
...take care mate.... :thup:

Crikey dad, First you cheer for the bombers instead of the stamps ( you always wear red and white ) and now this a fan of Kanga's! Just goes to show you drinking all that homemade brew is making you somewhat senile! :lol:

...son my are going colour blind.. i told you that would happen if you gazed at the black bird too long....IT'S BLUE N' GOLD i wear you know that....Kanga will turely verify it...and i told you awhile ago....i switched from the homebrew....toooooo Glenfiddick..... :lol: :lol:

its ture, it didn't wrok

maybe we should just beat ur down with a bag of bricks, and then tie them to ur legs and throw u in the office with fish bate os the sharks have agood chance. lol. hey KK way to call out jetsin07. But as for winning the grey cup. iunno. the west will destory the east this year, but i still stand true for my bombers.

you havn't been here footballmad, so I will expain in an unbias way why I called Jets out.

Jetsin07, since he has been here, has:

  1. Professed his love for Winnipeg and yet doesn't celibate with us when the Bombers bring home a win.
  2. instead, when we lose, he is like, "I knew they would lose, they haven't had a winning season snice 1990, they always manage to miss up in the end, bah bah bah", my god mate, you would think he is really a rider fan.
  3. in addision to his disregard fro the Bombers, he honors all of the other teams in WPG, epesailly the Goldeneyes, who no many on here give a stuff about, epescailly me.

However, despite these "flaws", he is a die hard Jets fan, and wants the team back in the peg ever more then I do, and we all know how much I want the Jets back, so that's saying something.

So I like the guy, but I wish he would show the Bombers a lit bit more love.

I do not know Kanga this guy sounds like a smart bomber fan and there are not that many around as you might know. Ya he should give them as much respect as I do! As far as the NHL in Winterpeg who has the money to bring a team there other then the Aspers and they can not get this run down has been lousy good for nothing football team!

whoa dude! let not forget that Winnipeg has 10 Grey Cups, and Calgary? 5! :twisted:

Yeah, the team needs fixing in the ownership department, but this team isn't a lame duck like Ottawa by any means.

and a smart bomber fan is one that is critical of his team, yes, but also cheers when his team wins, and doesnt go all slient court.

Heck, mate, Winnipeg would even have a CFL team if all bombers fans were like Jets!

lol cheap lousy team is kinda harsh. But KK brings a good poibnt about cup wins throughout history. and my beloved winterpeg doesn;t need a NHL team. sorry all you jets fans. I loved the jets but i don;t want to see another NHl team in the peg for some time yet

…no denying the BBs have 10 GCs, but if you are going to play that card then recognise the most recent GC for the BBs was won 16 years ago…every other team except Sask has won it multiple times since then…

Which would be why we are destined to win it this year :lol: