Jets Win Again..Makes Toronto NFL Fans Seem Uninformed

NFL fans in Toronto(who number in the millions if you believe the hacks at The Globe and Mail)knew a stinker when they seen it, and that is why they refused to pay to see the Jets take on the Bills, when the two teams visited Toronto.
Well it turns out the fans who attended were witnessing one of the final 4 NFL teams that are still playing.
I guess next season Naylor and Brunt will have to come up with new excusses why the games in Toronto don't sellout.
If Toronto loved the NFL...they game would have been sold out.
This BS about NFL fans not being naive like the ones in London is ridiculous. If the Toronto NFL fans were so informed about the NFL...they should have been able to predict the Jets rise to the final four....

IMHO The only people who can predict nfl are the ones who write the script,you can bet on it lmao-

I'll support Rogers and Phil Lind next year with the Bills in Toronto series. All they have to do is pay for a couple tickets for me, give me a few hundred in spending money for parking, beers, grub and that. Hey no problem, I will go and support them in this case. Anything for my buddy Phil Lind who loves the CFL as well. :wink: