Jets Scheduled for 5pm on GC Sunday !

I'm hoping this is just an oversight and they move the Jet game to 1PM or 2PM on GC Sunday !

Knowing the hubris by which Pee Wee Herman (aka Bettman) operates he'll probably ask Orridge to move the Grey Cup! :smiley:

....LOL.......the most arrogant man in all of sports is Pee Wee....Bettman would make oatmeal out of Orridge over a scheduling run in....Expect the Cup to be moved>>> :lol:

Again a prime example of no respect, I would bet how Rogers had something to do with this?
Haven't checked here locally in Toronto as frankly I don't care about other sports, but it would not surprise me if either one or maybe both Craptors or Leafs are playing at home and the other on the road.

It's a TSN regional game , so this is TSN's mess. I would think common sense will prevail and the Jet game will be moved to 1pm !

All fixed ...............well done True North !

:thup: attaboy Chipman