Jets copy Riders unis

The NFL is mimicking the CFL even with their play calling.

That game was hard on the eyes on a number of levels.

Very Christmas-y though! :thup:

Just in case for those that might have missed the game last night, when CRF says Very Christmas-y it's a very apt description indeed.
Check out these uni's from last nights Bills-Jets game. :o hard on the eyes indeed 8)

If they'd played on Boise State's blue field I might have heaved.

LOL!!! Either that or had an epileptic seizure !!! Red vs Green on Blue...YIKES !!!!

God, that's horrid...

Someone suggested plaid endzones for the RedBlacks once. I can kind of see that, but it's a fine line between being distinctive and being, well, butt ugly. :expressionless:

Not sure how I feel about it. In some cases, it feels like these times are trying to out-ugly one another (throwbacks notwithstanding).

Right, Jacksonville?

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"Bold Gold" looks more like "Old Turd". That's terrible.

When I saw the circus act on the NFL field I immediately switched channels and watched an NCAA game. This is going to be the "dress code" for all Thursday night NFL games. Thankfully there are always two NCAA games on Thursday night.

That's not always safe either (Oregon, Maryland), but at least you have better odds and will probably be more entertained regardless.

I don't know CRF. I likened those two uniforms to Starbucks new cups. Not Christmas-y enough. Where were the snowflakes, snowmen or Christmas trees? :stuck_out_tongue:

Apparently those uniforms last night made it very difficult to differentiate the teams for those one in approx. 12 men who are colourblind.

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One word description--BARFABLE!

Or on Eastern Washington's red field. (Sorry can't set a link, maybe someone else can?)

U of Guelph has a black and red checkerboard endzone that doesn’t look too bad.

let's go with an all White field with Green #'s and lines

I guess it was not hard on the eyes if you were "red-green" colour blind. You couldn't tell the difference between the teams if you were. :lol: :lol:

Riders and Jets are both my teams :rockin:Green and White all the way.

And here it is....................
Eastern Washington's... RED FIELD... OUCH !!!!! I'M SEEING RED, MY EYES !!!! I HAVE RED EYE!!! MAKE IT GO AWAY !!! 8) :cowboy:

As GernB mentioned Alumni Stadium in Guelph where the Ti-Cats played their games a couple of seasons ago does have red and black checked endzones and it really doesn't look too bad.

There it is. I knew I'd seen one but couldn't recall where. Thanks, guys. :thup:

I was totally opposed to it at first, because I was so concerned about image for this team. Getting ridiculed for the name for ages was bad enough, I didn't want this turning into a thing, but now that their image and "theme" (or brand, whatever the hell you call it) is pretty well established, I think I'd like to see it.