Jet Hall at 746 Barton St. E.

The owner is wearing a Ti-Cat shirt, even though there is no mention of the team in the article.

Wonder of this might be a good hang out before and after the games (Between Barnesdale and Lottridge)

The owner of the Jet Café on King Street East in the International Village knows a thing or two about downtimes and upswings. He moved to Hamilton from Toronto in 2002 and bought the business in 2003, well before the renaissance on James Street, and when things were a bit tougher on King East.

Where some see work and problems, Valentine sees opportunity.

"At first, it wasn't the location that got me to buy the building, it was the building itself, the value we saw," said Valentine.

"When you take into account the future advantages as well as the immediate disadvantages, it convinced us. You look at James North a few years ago. It's nothing like it is now.

"We think Barton is a key part of the future of Hamilton. Maybe others will follow.

For the past nine months he's had workers — all local, he points out — in and out of the building, painting, redoing the lighting, renovating the bathrooms, polishing the granite and buffing the hardwood floors.

He's also revamping the façade and exterior walls with new cement work, paint, flower boxes, the works.

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Interesting Captain. You know Hamilton Health Sciences has 2 major hospitals in older parts of town and they have rebuilt both on the site they were originally built. Yes, they tried to move the Henderson/Cancer Centre to McMaster initially but after public outcry, they backed down. I think if Barton and Concession are good enough for first rate hospitals, that this tells people in a way that the area is ok, that even people from wealthy areas in other parts of Hamilton it's ok to come there when you need hospital services.

In time Barton will be transformed I think, maybe some of the derelict shops can be transformed into artists workshops as an example.