"Jessie Will not be Back "Sports Net Eric Tilman

Hamilton fans have much to be excited about in 2006, but the return of Jesse Lumsden will not be one of them. According to people in the Redskins organization, Joe Gibbs and offensive coordinator Al Saunders are very high on the talented McMaster grad. If the big back doesn't make Washington's active roster, he appears to be a lock for a well-paid practice roster spot

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10. Hamilton fans have much to be excited about in 2006
only 10 fans? :?

I was thinking maybe...ummmm.....28,000 :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope Jesse makes it with Washington, but I don't think his chances are that great cause he's gone as soon as he gets any kind of injury.

Also, I'm surprised at how many people agree with me that Edmonton will not make the playoffs this year, and Danny will be fired at seasons end.

It's pure speculation, but I believe Lumsden will be back next year...the year the TiCats lift the Grey Cup in the blue team's house.

I think we'll be fine at RB with the talent we have right now.

But can someone refresh my memory here? I thought that an option-year player who doesn't make the active roster of the first NFL team that signs him is obligated to come back to his CFL team. In other words, no NFL practice roster.


Wasn't Ray on the Jets practice roster?

Not sure. I kind of recall Cheatwood waiting to sign with us, to see if he'd get picked up by another team after Houston let him go, but I may be mistaken.

Ray dressed for the Jets but never played. I don't know what his roster status was, but he was there all season, wasn't he?

PS - I'd think that Tillman would know or he wouldn't have mentioned the PR opportunity.

actually ty-pex, he was waiting the mandatory period (two weeks?) that had to be waited to see if anyone picked him up on waivers after he was cut.

No, such a player can take an NFL practice roster spot.

If he is released during the year and not picked up by another NFL team
in the next short period of time he is property of the CFL team
that he was on before he exercised his option year clause.

If he gets released the next year he becomes a CFL free agent a la Ricky Ray.

Ricky Ray was not obliged to return to Edmonton but as you may recall,

Hughie Campbell proved to be correct when he said
there is no way he wouldn't get Ricky back.

as an Argo fan, I have to say: PHEW

TillMan is another Marty York and wacky boatman.

The Skins and Joe Gibbs think Jessie is just great but will they keep him on the team.