Jessie Palmer

Palmer, according to the Toronto Star, did not get any opportunity to play. He stated "it wasn't a matter of talent, it was more a matter of politics in the locker room." I believe the fact that he languished on the Als bench and was completely ignored by the Als management had a great deal to do with him not being in the CFL this year. Had the management given him some respect and some playing time perhaps he would still be in the CFL. I am beginning to question some of Popp's moves. According to what was a " paper work mistake", the Als lost the services of Terrance Edwards who is having a great year with Winnipeg. He is presently ranked as number five as a receiver according to this websites ranking. He has gained 740 receiving yards to date and, would have fitted into the club as a third receiver.

Bless you my friend, for you have seen the light. I would put the Edwards thing down to Popp's ego. He didn't want to call Edwards first. So he went elsewhere. We don't need him anyways, we have Watkins-- you know the guy who drops one of every 2 and celebrates when he scores even if we're behind by 100 points. Popp should go and if Smith doesn't do it-- he can go to. There must be more to his job than P.R.

Smith's too busy hangin out in QC and trying to get his boss out of paying for the stadium overruns :slight_smile:

Matthew didn't deserve to be fired or Strasser for that matter. You can't lead a team when you highjack a position like he did. It was doomed to fail from the get go.

[i] :roll: Awww c’mon, this Bachelor is just another pretty face and wasn’t going to do much in the CFL! Now he is a pretty face with a microphone.

Lord Marcus is another pretty face, and we all love to see him hanging out of a pile up, 5 yards from the goal post. He’s good there, and in that expertise he can keep his good looks for retirement behind a mike!

Game sure turned around when Lord Maas entered the arena! This guy is mean-ugly and very passionate about playing…like a junkyard pit bull from the meanest yard, (Hamilton). Even Vick would be proud!

Put him in coach!(is Lord Anthony his coach, yet?)

Hey Shakespeare (SP no time to check)
That pretty face us a great athlete with a bigger arm then A.C. - More mobile than A.C. - Younger than A.C. - Was smart and commanded a huddle. Yep, you are probably right they don't miss him.

I always wondered why they didn't even give him a few game reps to see how he would do...politics...

[i]No doubt Jessie is a great athlete, and we have many in gyms doing reps in front of mirrors. From my perspective however, a great contestant in these games, is one who faces the lions, (and the cameras), week after week; through rain, mud, sleet, snow and 45ºC temps. (With, how many pounds of equipment?) Then climbs up, sack after sack, above the muck, the loss, the insulting fans, (and media), and apologizes and shoulders all the blame with incredible and admirable grace. Sorry, I can’t think of any QB right now that has shouldered more than Sir Anthony, these past dozen seasons. Great shoulders!

And as for Sir AC’s physique, you are all seriously mistaken. The guy is long everywhere, legs, arms, fingers, etc, etc! He’s a real force of nature, and you see the magic when he’s healthy and has time to throw. If he’s having problems running or throwing, it’s because he is paying dearly for those many painful seasons of leading this team to a most exciting playoff season...when otherwise, they didn’t deserve to be there. Here’s an analysis for you; in the last dozen seasons, how many times has this man been pulled down by his knees to pound his full weight on cement and/or frozen ground? Run! We’re lucky he can walk at all! Put the rest of your QB team through that, and let’s then speak about their performance. And as for Jessie, he is yet untitled in this arena, in shape or not.

I pray even for the coaches in this league! Such conditions, and so many sacrifices to make for our entertainment. And do we read anything positive or constructive about their work, ever? Hey coach, why don’t you put some postings up on this fan forum? Tell us about how you turned around our defense in one week. Wow! Edmonton couldn’t move…anywhere! And, although Edmonton’s defense kept us at bay, I didn’t see so much brutality, (except for Lord Duvall’s incident, ouch!)…sacks per game seem down.

I believe the CFL to be more physically challenging then the NFL, and with much less respect. I’m always amazed at the hundreds of thousands of fans, parades, bands, etc. that support the US teams, (at all levels), week after week. We get a ¼ of that for an Alouettes game, and when they leave early it’s a crisis!? Saskatchewan has the greatest fans in the country, and they left early during last week’s nail biter. So what, as long as they pay to get in…right!

Hope I offered you some entertainment, for a change. Stepping back from a situation can enhance one’s perspective, and peripheral vision beats a great arm any day! Promotion from within is a great asset in any arena, and I think Sir AC’s vision should be used here! But then, what do I know…I’m kept in a tower painting my muses in spandex! (Much more interesting than those toothless wonders in shorts, on skates.)


I guess Madame Cavillio is letting her hair down. Nice post…not so sure about the spandex however :slight_smile: