Jesse's Speed?

i know flick runs a solid 4.2
what does lumsden run at?

Who cares?

All I know is that he has a second gear when he hits the open field :rockin:

Flick does not run a 4.3 ... He probably runs about a 4.35. I think Ralph, Peterson and Flick run about the same.

I think Jesse runs a 4.4.

Remember, some of the pros don't get tested every year in a combine atmosphere, therefore its tough to say... game speed and track speed are different things.

He ran a 4.43 for the Redskins.

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And all too often I believe way too much stock is put in the numbers.

Yup, they're playing football, not running track. I can't believe that for all practical purposes, the diff between 4.3, 4.35 and 4.4 for a football player is significant. We are only talking about 10ths of a second here.

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Jesse runs a 2.2 on 3.14 3x4(12)on the 4x4.

Interesting post by Barney Fife.

Let's look at one example:

A wide receiver who has 4.3 speed runs 9.30 yards per second;

A defensive back who has 4.4 speed runs 9.09 yards per second.

In that scenario, the wide receiver is 1/5th of a yard or 7.2 inches per second faster than the defensive back. It would therefore seem that the speed difference would only be noticeable on a deep pass pattern in man to man coverage. On short or intermediate passes or when there is zone coverage, other factors such as precise route running and agility may be more important than straight line speed.

re-Yup, they're playing football, not running track. I can't believe that for all practical purposes, the diff between 4.3, 4.35 and 4.4 for a football player is significant. We are only talking about 10ths of a second here.

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it makes a big dif argfan- football basics ,from the line of scrimage all about gaining leverage against a bull rush on O.L, or breaking a arm tackle in the secondary. Jesse is really deseptive in his lateral movement, without giving up downhill speed, ( that was trianed or bred in at a young age. - PS barney take in a coaching seminar :thup:

I had a boss once who was asked about how bright his kid was. Without getting into IQ, test scores, grades, etc., he simply said that his kid was smart enough to do the things he needed and wanted to do. That kind of sums it up for Jesse too I think. I don't know what Jesse clocks at but let's just say he's fast enough (and elusive and strong enough) to play RB effectively in the CFL.

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Barney: totally off topic, but since you seem to be a fan of Jesse, would you trade Jeff Johnson for Lumsden?

thats a tough one, if i seen how jesse would be in a few years and compare then i could decide but as of right now, i would take jeff jhonson over jesse just becuz of what ive seen him do, jess'es basicly still a rookie. hes ony played half a season of pro ball.


Flick, a 4.2?? Thats nuts.

Hampton's Jerome Mathis had the best in combine history at an electronically timed 4.32 seconds.

Deion Sanders ran 4.28 in 1989, but his was hand-timed rather than the electronic times being registered this year. Mathis' hand-timed clocking was 4.25.

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About Shaun Alexander, for example:

"Gentry accepted the assignment, and impressive numbers resulted almost immediately. “When I started working with Shaun, he was running a 4.68,? Gentry says. “He ended up getting down to a 4.42 for his campus workouts. Now, he can cover 10 yards in 1.39 seconds.?

Fast times are great, but beating smaller and supposedly faster DBs for touchdowns is even better. “I know I’m faster now. When I break out, I know I’m gone,? Shaun says. “Working with Joe has taught me how to turn my speed on and when to burst through a hole. I have mastered what I am good at. Instead of just having speed in my repertoire, I know when and how to use it.?

WOW!! Excellent question ExPat. To me, both backs are cut from the same bolt of cloth. At the moment, I think I'd take Johnson but only because he's shown his stuff against pros (and he's got 4 pro seasons under his belt). However, it would NOT surprise me at all, if Jesse proves himself to be Johnson's equal (or better) before too long.

Both seem to have the essential qualities that all great backs have--good speed, quickness and acceleration; elusiveness; power; good hands (not only can they catch the ball but neither fumbles much either); not shy about throwing a block; mentally strong.

I still think Lumsden got screwed by the NFL turnstile.

Who would you take ExPat?

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It's a shame that JJ has never been allowed to be the feature back with the Argos, it seems to me he has the talent to be this. I don't know.

I have to admit that I have a mental block where it comes to the Argos. I cannot even fathom the idea of trading one of our good, wholesome boys for someone from the evil empire, even if he's an ex-Ticat. It would be like selling your child into slavery. My distaste is compounded by the fact that Johnson had, like, 400 yards against us in that one game last year.

I swear that I still hated O'Shea for that whole year he played with us in 2000 or 2001. And Montford certainly lost a lot of his lustre when he came back with that foul stench all over his body.

Sorry for the cop-out. I asked you the question because obviously the Argos don't have the same problem, having built their team around ex-Ticats.

Darren Flutie said he’d start JJ over both Avery and Williams. That says an awful lot in my books.

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Barney, to what extent do you think Pinner is "told" who to play? Or are we really not that knowledgeable, maybe JJ really isn't as good as Avery or Williams?

Some guys run faster when they have the football somebody in a bad mood is chasing them. I know I always did. I think they call it "game speed". :smiley: