Jesse's Journey Ended!

Do you remember John's walk for Jesse...

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Very sad. My condolences to his family...

My condoloences to the family, too.

Jesse fought bravely. Now he is at peace.


Forgive me if anyone finds this disrespectful

The title of this thread instantly made me think
that Jesse Lumsden had retired from football.

Prayers for Jesse and his loved ones ...

Wow that's terrible news :frowning:
my condolence's

my condolence's to the family

Sad news indeed

Very sad news. My condolences to the family.

Eric’s Amazing Race, which is a fundraiser for Jesse’s Journey celebrated their 7th Annual event yesterday - a car rally and silent auction. Due to the unfortunate circumstances of their nephew Eric, who suffers from the same form of MD, there is a couple in Burlington that have run this event for 7 years now and have raised thousands of dollars which go to Jesse’s Journey. Congratulations to them on their achievements and again, most heartfelt condolences to Jesse’s family.


Thanks for that...being from north of London and familiar with John Davidson, from his sportscasting days, while aware of Jesse's Journey, I was not aware of this Burlington connection and fundraiser.

Be sure to bring it up again if it is run next year. :wink: