Jesse's injuries and Forum censorship?

Yesterday I posted a new forum topic wondering if anyone else was
thinking there could be a connection to Jesse's chronic injuries problems
and the possible use of steroids as the kid had noticeably bulked up over
the last few years at Mac and there is a well known connection between
steroid use and athletic injuries. I also inquired about the what the CFL's
current drug testing procedure / policy is.

This morning I looked for any feed back and notice that the entire thread
has been removed from the forum?!.

I did not make any accusations, just a question and wondered
if anyone else had thought the same thing.

Why would the thread be removed from the forum?
As a new user of this forum I have to wonder what kind of censorship is going on here?
I would appreciate it if whoever removed the thread would IM me and let me
know exactly what was wrong with the question. I was not making
Any accusations and certainly the entire subject (steroid use real or perceived)
could be debated intelligently within the forum.

They own it, they can remove what they want.

I don't see the problem of debating if a player is on steroids. There are many players I KNOW are on steroids, Jesse is not one of them.

There are lots of D-linemen through out the league whose numbers will magically go way down if the league was to introduce steroid testing.

Just wondering how you know who's on steroids. Have you seen them do it?

There should at least be some kind of drug testing program in the CFL and I volunteer.
If anyone has drugs they need tested by all means send them to me and I'll be happy to send you back a report.


sorry but it sounds to me like you’re accusing him of steroid use

  1. This is a privately owned website. They can remove any thread they want.

  2. You are accusing one of our players of illegal activity.

  3. Rather than censorship, you should be more concerned about slander.

  4. Welcome to the site. Play nice.

OK look. To be clear I was not attempting to accuse him of anything.
I simply questioned if anyone else "wondered" about
the connection of his many injuries and increased physical size.
The post could have been replied to by someone stating that
all players are tested regularly and it's know the kid lives at the gym.
And that would of pretty much ended the thread.
Instead I get an immediate "sensor"?!
Yes I know they "own" the site but it's pretty obvious they prefer if
nothing "too controversial" gets discussed and stick to blowing
smoke up everyone's you know what.
I have been a Cat fan for a very long time but am new to this forum
so I apologize if my post was perceived as slanderous, libellous or accusatory in any way.
Like I mentioned before it was simply a question.

So to appease "big brother"...

How about Casey's performance Friday night?!
It was WONDERFUL, just too bad he didn't get any breaks.

How about Casey's performance Friday night?! It was WONDERFUL, just too bad he didn't get any breaks.
Now you're being sarcastic. As a regular poster I can tell you that we don't use sarcasm on this board.
8) All you have to do is look at someones body type, and if you are at all experienced in weight training and proper nutrition, you can spot a steriod user very easily !!!
 By the way, Jesse is not on steriods  !!

Apology accept and lawsuit dropped (hopefully).