is here...

Jeese was Sport Scope Tonight Said He working hard to Get better for This year talked about his new Website and his Football Camp.

Nice Interview

Maybe jesse better add something to his curiculum

"How to play 4 games in a row"
"How to take a shower without hurting yourself"
"How to play through pain"

OK, OK.....all bad jokes but maybe this young man should concentrate on other things rather than have his own person website or football camp.

als4ever even if Jesse gets hurt
He'll have more yard then Payton this year.
We all know your Head Coach is pass 1st Guy.

He can do and should do whatever makes sense to him, it's his life and not anyone else's.

Maybe you should get a new name instead of als4ever, like maybe ticats4ever. :wink:

another position player another delayed surgery another player unavailable for the start of the year .plus ca change...8th place in 2008 .

touchy touchy..
I am a ticats fan BTW..just not against the als..I attend 4-5 cats games a year at IWS, as many as most ticat fans..

I admit I have a thing aginst Jesse... the ticat faithful go nuts over the guy and he hasn't proven to me that

a) he is mentally tough
B) physically durable enough
c) talented enough.

Give me a couple of good seasons in a row and then I will believe.

As far as Payton, I have my doubts that he will even make the team...youre right the Als are a pass oriented team.

Be honest you guys think that the Ticats will ride into respectability on Jesse's legs or Printers Arm????

C'mon this is the CFL here...Jesse's biggest value is the fact that he is a ratio buster.

Heres my point...let say you guys are the GM and the Als offer you Ben Cahoon for Jesse (forget the age difference...)what do you do????

"He can do and should do whatever makes sense to him, it's his life and not anyone else's."

Hate to tell you this...Jesse is a Pro athlete. Even in the CFL he is making alot more money than most of the people who read this thread. Part of the scene here is that his private life (within reason) is public domain. People will walk up to him for a handshake or autography, and God forbid if we ever catch him on a bad day and he tells us to take a hike, everyone here will want to crucify him. I won't matter that he was hurt, or his wife left him, or he's hung over.

Athletes are entertainers, and if he decides to put up a website I do have a right to comment because I pay to watch him play.

See you at IWS in June

Cahoon is near retirement. Lumsden is just starting out. Therefore trading Lumsden for Cahoon would be sheer lunacy from a Ticat standpoint.

have to agree
now if the Al's where send Chip Cox or Diamond Ferri
for Jessie
you may have a deal.

Calhoon is good but best his years are Behind him
Ferri and Cox still have a few years ..
If we where to trade Jesse it would be Edmonton or Else where out West.No way we trade him to a East Rival.

Of course you have the right to express your thoughts als4ever on what Jesse does, I certainly didn't mean to suggest you didn't have any right. I was just replying to tell you he has the right to do a website like this whether you like it or not or think it's in his best interests or not. Hey, you don't like him much, that's fine and I agree with you that really he hasn't proven himself yet to be a back in the quality of a Charles Roberts. But he has shown enough glimpses that he could be in that category when he is healthy. Hopefully this year is a breakout year for him, especially also that his NFL aspirations are in a holding pattern for now.

Lumsden is worth more than a player like Ferri or Cox.

The only players I'd trade him for would be BC's Cam Wake or Saskatchewan's John Chick.

If Lumsden is traded, it has to be for a young, impact player...which is what Lumsden is.

I guess I wasn't getting my point across.... I used Cahoon as an example, the age difference is too big. I meant to say that if I were a gm, I would rather have a star Canadian receiver than a star canadian RB. Import RBs are a dime a dozen.

BTW, one the the reasons that I post here is because the posters usually post great, intelligent replies

This thread is no exception...thanks for your comments guys!!!

Compeletely agree about rb's. In a league with 3 downs where passing is crucial, finding quality receivers is much harder than finding quality rb, which as you say, are a dime a dozen coming from the States. Even finding quality import receivers is very tough.

The only question mark about Jesse is his durability.

I have been following the CFL and the Ticats and the NFL for over 50 years. I haven't seen many backs with his combination of speed, power and pass-catching ability. He also can block, although I wouldn't put him in the same class as Troy Davis. But if Jesse stays healthy and sticks around he'll own all Ticat rushing records.


Just let the guy play.

So what Jesse isn't supposed to have a life or hobbies outside football?

So I guess you're an expert on time management or something and feel Jesse should commit to football 24-7 and i guess he shouldn't sleep either or meet women or have friends?

And I would take Jesse over Ben anyday. Jesse can outrun Ben running backwards while drunk.

Running backs who average over 8 yards per carry are a dime a dozen? I'm guessing this is Marcel Desjardins? Either that or Jim Popp is some kind of cult leader who has hypnotized and brainwashed everyone in Montreal.

Drex.....several ponts

Firstly if Jesse has half the career that Cahoon has had, he will be a very good football player. The analogy was compare an up and comer to a future hall of famer. How can u compare an RB to a receiver. In the CFL, which is a passing league, you need people to catch the ball, specially with a stud QB like Printers.

Secondly, eight yards a carry is impressive but how many games he play last year? In a full season u think he can keep up that pace?
He has never played more than 10 games in a season. in fact he has averaged less than 7 in a three year career.

In the 10 games he played last year, how many the Ticats win???? You dont want to know the answer. That isn't to imply that it was Jesse's fault, we all know about the QB problems with a washed up and crippled Maas and and the dreadful Timmy Chang. What it does mean is that a great RB can't win for you without a good passing game. George Reed had Ronnie L, Pringle had Ham and Calvillo and Cahoon, Roberts had Stegall and Glenn and Jones.

BTW, you think that Caulley is a step down? Ill take him on my team anyday!

As far as being a time management expert...well I dont see what that has to do with anything. What I am saying is that having a website IMHO is something a star does. Jesse hasn't reached that plateau far as meeting women, well I'm sure he does better than you or when he does, I hope he's carefull, don't want to see him get hurt!

Caulley is a step down cause he does not have an impact in the passing game. Jesse is the one and only back in this league that makes defences nervous. He is threat to go the distance on any play so a defence has to key in on him and think run first which opens up our passing game so much on first down and even on second down teams have to worry about him getting a draw or whatever and now that we have a deep threat and the best q.b in the league I am expecting this offence to be capable of putting at least 30 on the board each game.

[quote="Drexl"]Caulley is a step down cause he does not have an impact in the passing game. Jesse is the one and only back in this league that makes defences nervous. quote]

Are you sure we are taliking about the same player?

You can tell all this by watching him sit on the bench in street clothes?

Let me tell you, on opening day the Als are going to be alot more worried about Casey than Jesse.

Jesse is the second coming of Eric Lapointe. Good ballplayer but fragile.

Don't wreck his career by trying to make him into more than what he is

The best RB in the league, have you forgotten Joe Smith, Reyolds, Wes Cates,Charles Roberts????

Make defenses nervous???? How many games did the cats win with Jesse...None????....don't sound that the opposing Defenses were that nervous...

Give the kid a break...I know that you want him to be that good, local kid, lots of potential, its a great story for a franchise that is desperate for good news. Give him time guys.

Be honest with me....if he was Jesse Smith from Alabama, would you think that he was that good?????

that is the thing though, he is not Jesse Smith from Alabama, he is Jesse Lumsden from Hamilton, Ontario. He is the best Canadian back to play the game in 10, maybe even 20 years. Before his injury he was leading rusher, and still had the highest rushing average. Fact is, if he can stay healthy, he is that good. If the guy lasts a full year, he will be miles ahead of everone else in the league for rushing yards. He didn't win any games? i seem to recall a game in August, against one of the better defenses in the league, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, where he racked up 226 yards and 2 TD's. The week before that 181 total yards against another great defense, BC. All this while being the focus by other defenses. If he can do that in a terrible offense where he is the focal point, i can only imagine what he can do in an even better offense, and a full season.

He might very well be cause hes certainly better than the last canadian tailback (not FB) to start which was...hmmm I can't recall

In 3 seasons, Jesse has played ...19 games???? And in those 19 games you know how many the cats have won????maybe 4.

His "great " 2007 stats were inflated by 2 monster games 211 and 158 yds. Take these games out and you know what you got left....

374 yds...37 yds a game on average
75 carries so that makes this 4.9 YPC

Not bad but these stats would have fallen further had he had the luxury of playing a full season.

You know next to my als, I love the cats... but they aren't getting any better unless the management and the fans look objectively at the roster.

Lumsden is a good RB with value because of his non import status. Unless you fill the holes in the defence, O line and defense, Jesses 200 yard losing cause games wont matter.

If you can get a couple of it!!!!