Anyone have any info on how Jesse's rehab is going?

From I been told he is ahead of Schedule

saw him at bestbuy in ancaster a while ago grabbing some movies... must be takin it easy

I wouldn't believe anything I hear regarding Jesse's rehab. If he's still around for camp,
we'll see how many touches he's allowed and how well he stands up to the physical punishment.

Don't hold your breath waiting for total rehabilitation, because it isn't likely.

Futureshop will not be pleased!

Yeah I know it's the same company.

Same outfit...

Didn't we limit this guy in practice last year and he still got hurt even though he is 100%?

I hate to say it but this guy is injury prone. Not by the way he runs but just his body can't stand the punishment. I know the shoulder thing in the turf was a fluke but 1 time okay but injuries as a whole with this guy seem like it's not just a one time thing. He was hurt 3 times last year and dind't even play 10 games.

When he plays 2 full seasons (at least 16 regular season games each year, not total) the I will deem him non injury prone.

Here is an interesting article by Jonathan Huntington in the Edmonton Sun today listing some of the more notable CFL free agents, their market value and, in some cases, how much they want to receive. He estimates Jesse Lumsden's fair market value at $90,000 going into free agency but says a source has told him that Lumsden is seeking $160,000 a year. A few CFL teams will be interested in signing him but probably not anywhere near that latter price until he can prove that he can play a full season, or almost a full season, at a high level.

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Honestly if he can get 160k a year somewhere else, i dont blame him for leaving... however, that team is out of their minds if they do.

8) According to the Spec today, Jesse turned down a $150,000 offer halfway through last season, made by Scott Mitchell !!! :roll:
   His salary last season with the Cats was $80,000.

February 07, 2009
Steve Milton
The Hamilton Spectator

What Steve Milton said is...

Lumsden, himself, could have had the deal he wanted, or close to it, if he hadn't adhered to his rule of not discussing contract during the regular season.
He mentioned no dollar figures.

Jonathan Huffington quoted 'a source'

as saying Lumsden wants $160,000.

Jesse Lumsden, Hamilton Tiger-Cats RB

Fair market value: $90,000

The Skinny: One source indicates Lumsden wants $160,000.
It's hard to imagine he will have many takers at that price

considering his injury issues (2008: torn labrum,
right ankle, knee ligaments; 2007: shoulder, clavicle).

Esks angle:

Talk of Lumsden coming to Edmonton
has been happening for months.

And there is no denying Edmonton needs a better run game.

But a bonus-laden deal with little guaranteed money is the only way to go.

Put it all together yourself folks, it all specualtion.

If it's a business. Jesse should have re-signed last year for 150,000. Making him the highest paid CANADIAN and American at the running back position??

Looking on the bright side...

If Jonathan Huntington is right and a bonus-laden deal
with little guaranteed money is the only way to go,

when that reality strikes Jesse square in the face on Feb 16th,

Jesse will have satisfied himself that that is
the only kind of deal he is going to be offered.

Obie has likely put an option like that on the table for Jesse.

That offer and any other offers he gets represents Jesse's fair market value

so the ball will be in Jesse's court to accept whichever offer is best for him

and if he accepts the Ticat's deal Obie will have assured himself that
the Cats won't be financially bitten if injurys restrict his playing time.

Milton's subtle, pre-emptive second guessing of the org. is pretty dubious.

They offered to make him the highest paid CDN in the league, which is beyond reasonable and recognizes his intangibles as a local hero, for playing around 8 games a year and Jesse/Dad chose not to sign.

If Jesse/Dad are going to let a piddly 10 grand come between here and wherever that says he either doesnt really want to be here anyway or play second bananna to Kenton Keith.

8) Ron, what are you talking about when you say no $$ figures were mentioned in the Spec today ???
 In Ken Peters big article Jesse states that the middle of the season offer was a very good one from the Cats  !!!  That offer was apparently for roughly $150,000 per season  !!!!

 Jesse turned that offer down at that time, and that offer is no longer on the table for him  !!!!!!

So...Jesse has been hurt and missed games during the last 2 seasons. Both of the major injuries he incurred required surgery and recovery. These weren't twisted ankles or hamstrings (aka T. Miles who made a career out of missing games due to tweaked hammy's) but were full blown injuries like Barrin Simpson, Gagne-Marcoux, Hudson, Caulley. I suggest that assailing Jesse's character by calling him injury prone misses the mark. Jesse has shown that he has the skills to compete and be successful in the CFL.
A more important issue relating to any starting Canadian/Non-Import is who fills the void if he has to miss a game. The fall off in skill from Jesse to another Cdn/non-import back is significant and required difficult shuffling of talent last year at other positions. I believe that in spite of this ratio conundrum he is worth the investment and will be a star on offense for any team. I just hope that it is on my team.

This is why Edmonton seems like the most logical destination for Lumsden, as they have another strong Canadian, Calvin McCarty, who could back up Lumsden.

edmonton is also home to one of the top orthopedic surgeons in canada.

Good! Send him to Edmonton!

I have wondered why nobody has asked this...but...why did Scott Mitchell offer anyone anything midway through last season.........?????????????????
Maybe this season Obie has control......I hope so......