The loss to Montreal I kinda expected. But losing Jesse again :cry: Even worse.
I feel for him. Did you see him sitting on the sidelines after he realized he would not be back on the field? The disappointment was stark.
Lets hope will be back for the next game. :thup:

I wonder what hurts Jesse more, the injury, or the knowledge that everyone and their dog will join in the chorus of "I told you so" re: whether or not he is injury prone?

I think Jesse is smart enough to realize that most of the people on this site don't know jack and are more than willing to sit on their asses and criticize someone who goes out there and puts his body on the line. Way too smart to read the drivel on here (wish I was).

Didn't any of you see the Montreal player twist Jesse's ankle when he grabbed him for the tackle (that was already being made by someone else)?

don't attack Jessies Courage like that.

BG,I saw a Al's player grab onto Jesses' ankle and hold it just before he was tackled ,thats all I could see except Jesse looking back at the Als players leaving the field......

The tackler from behind grabbed and held
his left ankle and pulled on Jesse's leg.

He was stretched out and driving forward
with all his weight on his right leg.

His right ankle, either buckled under him,

or it got whacked by one of the several other tacklers.

Hey Ticat fans! He's injury prone!

OOps, hope I don't come across as a jerk for stating my opinion.

Now that I've thrown my hat into the ring, I'll go a step further and say that Printers is also injury prone.

Our half million dollar quarterback has been nothing but "talk" since his arrival. Admittedly, he has absolutely no offensive line to protect him, but neither has Williams, and yet Williams seems to accomplish a lot more than Casey.

I'm not expert enough to decide what the problems actually are on this team, but it doesn't take a Rhodes scholar to determine that Lumsden will continue to get injured and Printers will continue to talk as well as get injured.

If I were Mr. Young, I wouldn't wait too much longer before I reinsert Caulley into a starting position and go with my backup QBs, while trading Printers and Lumsden for some premiere offensive linemen.

The battle starts in the trenches. If you haven't got it there, you haven't got it!

This team, with their seat price increases, ineptness on the playing field, high priced ball players riding the pine, sub par coaching and unimaginitive play calling continues to need revamping.

Past coaches like Voyles, Sazio, Trimble and Kush are probably laughing out loud, (deceased or still here) when they listen to the "Have Fun Theory" that Taaffe sprung on the team before the last game. High school kids and sandlot players are in the game to have fun.
Professional players should be taught to play smash mouth football and take their careers very seriously.
The fun part of the game belongs to the fans.

Saying jesse is injury prone is fact and nothing personal. He gets hurt a lot. Nothing against his courage or heart but he cant play day in and day out. Its fact and until he proves otherwise people are justified is stating it.

I would have liked to see Casey start last night.
Even if Ritchie took all the snaps this week.
If he proved that once the adreneline kicked in and he could still not compete, then hand over the reigns. Even after one series. It would have helped his credibility for sure.

Casey hit his hand on a helmet, thats not injury prone, thats bad luck.

Possibly; but how do we account for the fact that Williams appears to have more luck with our offense?

That has noting to do with Casey being injury prone. Maybe Casey isn't the leader. I honestly dont know whats wrong with this team this year.

We can blame Coaches, we can blame QB's, oline, receivers, whattever. There is somethhing very wrong and there is no one answer to solving it.

If you guys don't want Lumsden anymore, send him to Montreal, we got guys like Davis Sanchez to get rid of... :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm disappointed, Lumsden always seems to be injured or not used whenever the Ti-Cats are IN Montreal.

Jesse is a big dude and the smaller linebackers and defensive backs are going to continually try and tackle him low at the knees and ankles, tough to take him on chest to chest sort of thing. Jesse's career in football will be a short one unfortunately I think due to this.

jesse lumsden draws so much contact from defenders when hes running it is always going to be hard for a guy like that to stay healthy while competing the way he does. it is a good thing the ti-Cats have a good back up in Tre-smith that can also be very effctive in the back field.


Saying he gets injured from time to time is more accurate. He’s had one major injury and they happen. When people say he’s “injury prone”, in sports it is used as a derogatory critique of an athlete’s toughness and heart. Don’t try to disguise it as a simple objective statement. It is a subjective slur.

Yet, when you get hit a certain way in a vulnerable position you’re going to get hurt. It’s simple physics. It has nothing to do with how tough you are. If you separate a shoulder you separate a shoulder. If you tear an achilles tendon (hopefully not) then you’ve torn an achilles tendon. It has nothing to do with being tough and “playing with pain”.

It happens, but still people sit their lard ass on the computer drinking beer with a smug attitude and talk about the athletes on the field as if they’re dirt because they got injured. I wonder if these classy people criticized Tucker for sitting out with a neck brace on :roll: .

Hey..... :oops: :? How can you see me??????

Sports is a business where people are treated like commodities. That is why they have drafts.

In some circles, maybe "injury prone" is viewed as a subjective slur, but I've always perceived it to be a description of a pattern of events. People have different physiology, and there are many variables that factor into whether a person gets injured frequently or not.

I've never used the term "injury prone" to describe Jesse, but I don't think doing so would be an "attack on his courage" or whatever BS expression Jesse used. Maybe there are people attacking Jesse (cough, Peters, cough) but to describe him as "injury prone" is not an attack. It's a description of the fact that he has been injured more often than people might expect based on pure chance. We can debate whether it's all a matter of luck or not, but the reality is that Jesse has been injured frequently throughout his career. It doesn't mean he's not tough, and it doesn't mean he lacks heart.