Jesse undergoes MRI

pending the results he's doubtful for mondays turkey game & questionable for the reminder of the season. artice from the spec...

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Tell Jesse good luck and speedy return. Tell TAFFE to keep his comments to himself. What a jerk! He has one the most exciting players on his team dealing with this and that is all he can say.

Taffe is an idiot!!! He is a horrible coach and really a very dumb man, get rid of him quickly and bring in someone who coaches with some common sense and who knows football. Who would say anything about their star player that would make him look like less of a player. Taffe shut up you are not a good coach ! the only reason you won while in montreal is because you inherited a great team, it has nothing to do with you. Do the whole city of hamilton a favor and quit so we can get a real coach in here.

Ummm okay?

Taaffe’s an idiot because he says the obvios and what everyone here has already been saying.

Tell me what Bill Walsh’s record was his first year when he inherited the mess that became the dynasty of the San Francisco 49er’s.

Get a grip.

yeah i think u need to cool sure the reporters asked what do you think about jesse being hurt all the time? and that was his candid answer that a trained monkey can see. so i dont think hes calling him out just stating the obvious.

Charlie has Every Right to Worried about A Running back who Proven to be injury-prone.

I like Jessie but his Running Style is Causing his Injuries.
He need to be Coached into Changing his Running Style
so He not Hurt all time.

Other Wise his Time in Pro's will be Short

Relax people...Coach Taaffe will get this team going in the right direction. There aren't very many pieces to the puzzle missing. Give him a break. Continue the great work Charlie.

I see nothing in what Coach said that was negative or wrong.
Maybe Jesse is an injury-prone guy. Big deal. Printers isnt that far off, but its not a negative

According to Ken Welsh On CH Sports,
the MRI apparently showed that Jesse
had a subluxation of the shouder joint
[a partial dislocation or sprain ]

It could be healed in one week
or it could take 6 weeks.


Here is what Charlie actually said about Jesse.

Tiger-Cat Head Coach Charlie Taaffe admitted yesterday that he is worried that his star Canadian tailback might be becoming injury-prone.

"I'm obviously concerned because

he seems to get dinged
almost every time he plays.

Hopefully it is just a rash of bad luck
and he will get it out of him.

He is a tall back (6-foot-2) number one
so he is going to have more exposure

and he does run a little bit upright,
that's just his natural running style.

So he has more exposure than some of
the shorter backs," Taaffe said, adding

the Cats will try to work with Lumsden

to try to protect himself more
at the point of contact.

This latest injury was at the end of a big gain and Jesse had two or more defenders trying to bring him down, there was a late hit, by a defencive lineman or linebacker(canada?) lumsden was clearly hurt on the play, and HUSTELD off to get checked out, --THIS does not sound like soft to me, IMHo if hustle and playing the game with heart make Lumden injury prone then so what.

Taaffe's bang on - I seem to recall Lumsden getting banged up in the woefully soft OUAA.

I understand defensive players in the OUAA
chase after the Offensive players on their tip-toes

and angrily pelt bags full of creampuffs at them
so as to not risk injury by tackling them,

MTL NDG, is that correct?