Jesse To Hamilton?

You might have already heard this but The Washington Redskins have traded for Runningback T.J Duckett from the Atlanta in a 3 way deal that also involved Denver. As it stands now Jesse is behind 4 Runningbacks in the depth chart, Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Rock Cartwright and Now Duckett. So looks like this spells the end for Jesse's chances at the NFL for another year, so My question is

Does anyone see him comming to Hamilton? I hope the cats trade away he's rights to another team because The cats dont need Lumsden and Lumsden doesnt really need the cats.

Trade his rights!

Also trade Ranek.

We have Holmes. He should be featured in a one-back backfield!

i guess washington doesn't really think Jesse has all the tools if they have to bring in someone else

washington had the opportunity to trade for a quality third down back.

portis is hurt and so is betts .... jesse may stick around a little longer, but i think once the other backs are healthy, he will be moved.

I believe he will pick up on another NFL team ... he wont be back .... I heard on Satellite radio yesterday that the Jets are very actively looking for another young back that they can groom for the future.

Yes - Bring Jesse to Hamilton. The man is a great Canadian football player, period.

On Special Teams, alone, he would be a great asset to this team. Doubling as a RB is a BONUS. Very good for the ratio too, allow room for another American OL.


If Jesse is available then he'd be the guy to feature in the back-field. Trade everybody else if you have to.

In a year we've had little to cheer about, squashed expectations, diminishing hope, he could change all that.

Unless we Get Corry Signed to Long Term Deal He Has to go..

As For Mr Jesse I'd like to see if He will to sign more then 1+1 Deal if Not Trade his Right .

Keep Josh...

Offer him a long term contract with incentives and cash and get done with it. Get off your wallet Katz and get the job done as it should have been last year.

jessie would be an attraction for the city. A local boy rising to stardom.

with all the backs we have it could spark a trade somewhere for needed help.

who we trade is up to the management

We Really have needs Else Where

We need :
DT Help
A Number 1 WR
OLine Help..

If We can get somthing for him Trade him

oh yea, trade ranek ( who has a long term deal ) and lumsden ( who would be local fav. and possible long term deal ) and keep holmes, who has no contract after this season and is clearly a rider4life....make this man GM :roll:

I will NEVER understand lumsden bashers. Here is a kid that has pretty much proven he can play CFL ball, is Canadian, and is a local guy. I don't understand why anyone would not want him on this team? He and Kahlil Hill made this team worth watching last season.

There is not one player in this league that I would trade Lumsden for.

Please no ideas about this, management is so vulnerable, they might do something studip like trade Lumsdens rights to edmonton, for their highly touted 3rd string QB.

oooppps did i say that or think it, ooooppps i did say that.

delete, delete

When you trade Ranek and Lumsden and Cory Holmes walks at seasons end what do you do then? turn to Anthony Davis i doubt it :slight_smile:

8) Is that you Neil ???? :lol:

The absolute best thing to do if Jesse comes back to Hamilton would be to first trade Ranek because you could have a quality runningback and free up the Import spot at another position. Then sign him to multi-year deal and keep him here because he is worth his weight in gold, a quality Canadian runningback is hard to come by. Ranek is good yes but it is by far more intelligent to keep the Canadian around. Anyone who disagrees does not know the CFL.

I agree Flash, if Ranek is Canadian, that's another story but he is one of those all-too-common imports- a dime a dozen at the rb position really.

Jesse still has a chance to make the practice team and would be very thrilled to do so. And then theres ball boy.

Ever hear of Tim Tindale ?? Was a great university player and shunned the CFL for the NFL and was a carreer practice roster player . A waste of good talent but I guess it all comes down to money . But to sit on a roster where the best you probably do is special teams is such a waste !!!!