Jesse to be traded ?

There's no doubt in my mind Jesse will be traded soon. He's a free agent at the end of the season, therefore the Cat's will be shopping him around now. Although I'm his biggest fan, the team really has no choice. Get what you can, (hopefully a rush end) while you can...he'll be gone at seasons end anyway.
As for Printers, I'm certain if they could, the Cat's would trade him tomorrow. :cowboy:

Honestly can we stop with the trade this guy trade that guy.....getting pretty boring!

Buckwheat has a good point about him maybe leaving at the end of the season but how many changes do we have to put up with. The way its going nobody knows who's coming or going. It's not the losses that turn people away its the revolving door. Hard to sell merchandice like this there is only so much electrical tape to go around

with all the injuries Jesse has had this year
From what I was told the players of the other CFL teams gave him the nickname Glass

Hey in4td....I hate trades too...and I'm Jesse's biggest fan...I'd love to see him finish his career in a Cat uniform and become the league's alltime best rb...and I have no doubt that he's capable of that...that said, because of him wanting to test free agency, I think the club will get what they can for him, while they can. :cowboy:

nope I think that Jesse is just too valuable to this team and trading him would come back to bite us in the a$$ the smartest thing to do now is trade Caully as he has opened up the eyes of every GM in the league and we could get some real talent for him and then re sign Jesse and run a wishbone offence utilizing both Keith and Jesse we also need to keep Jesse because he is a good ratio guy being canadian

You are still taking a huge chance that Lumsden will not get injured in the future. I'd say get some value for him now while you can but I doubt if you will get much for a RB that is injury prone and becomes a FA next year.


Unfortunately Jesse is no ratio buster for us at the moment. It's because of him we are having issues on the oline by plugging in Rempel.

Trade him. Trade him. Trade him.

You get something for him now or nothing when he leaves via free agency.

If say Jesse was to be traded Send him to Edmonton for Fred Stamps or Kelly Campbell.

We need to get something for players if we know they will sign elsewhere during FA

Can't traded an injured player

I agree! Get rid of Mr.Charmin. See if you can get something for him while you can.