Jesse The Jedi Lumsden

Ok, so I should have known, Jesse is a Jedi Knight. The way that he runs with his hand out in front of him as if saying; "you will not tackle me", and how he uses the force to break through the tackles. Also it is very obvious that Jason Maas is Yoda. The ears explain everything.

OH!! and Moreno must be Han Solo...because there isn't anyone cooler who could play him!

By the same logic......
Brazzell = ... 1558118330 :stuck_out_tongue:

at the moment i'd say jessie has to be favourite for cfl mvp.

Chill. It's game 6.

I share your optimism...but....

Actually, were the question honestly asked of me, I’d say:

1: Kevin Glenn
2: Kerry Joseph (depending on how the Riders do the rest of the way)
3: Milt Stegall
4: Jessie Lumsden

That’s just off the top of my head; I’ll be inclined to edit as I think about it more. But remember the MVP OFTEN goes to a quarterback, and RARELY IF EVER goes to a player on a team that doesn’t have a very good regular season record.

Hey guys he did just get CFL Canadian player of the month. It was announced Thursday. That was before his fabulous performance tonight! I bet he'll get player of the week again! Anyhow here's the blurb from the CFL site (url below):

Canadian Player of the Month

RB – Jesse Lumsden – Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Highlights / Key Stats:

Through the first five games of his first full season in the CFL, Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ running back Jesse Lumsden ranks third in rushing yards with 343 on 47 carries and fourth in combined yards with 561. Lumsden has 16 receptions for 218 yards.

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554 yds now 9.4 avg.