JESSE TAKES BEST OFFENSIVE AND BEST CANADIAN. Gotta love that kid. Three cheers for Jesse on this weeks honours. No doubt he will take the same awards for the season if he keeps this pace up. Lead us to the playoffs this year Jesse

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Moreno and Armour are also joint runners up for Defensive player of the week. Congratulations to all 3.

good stuff

Was there really any doubt he wouldn't get these two awards?

Congrats Jesse!

Interesting, the number of individual awards going to "the worst team in the league" lately.

Good observation.

Could it be the "worst" team in the league was completely rebuilt from last year, has many rookies (both players and coaches) there are only two pre-season games, there is no weak team in the league, and the organization is building a solid foundation for many winning seasons to come?

Anyone who cannot see what's going on with this team right now doesn't know much about organizational success.

p.s. Congratulations Jesse!

Congrats Jesse... lets see it happen next week too

Good stuff, Jessie! You deserve it.

These two awards were a LOCK as of Friday night!

Jesse ... you'll have to make more room on your mantelpiece!!

Congratulations Jesse. Great work, keep it up, the Cats are improving and will continue to do that as this season goes on. Next few years we'll get better and better.

Congrats Jesse and Jojuan and Zeke. Great job!!