jesse should return kicks too

considering that Jesse was a kick returner in universty and thats probably what he will end up doing in the NFL it's clear to see that he can make the big run back and he see's the field about as good as anyone and I think if he was to return kicks he could break the record for all purpose yards in a season

it would make it possable for Jesse to get the football hat-trick(one on the ground , one through the air , and one off the return)

If this happens it will make Maas look like a more solid QB(anyone could look good when your running game is working)


And take ANOTHER job away from Holmes? lol

Personally, I wouldn't want to see another risk of injury to Lumsden.
Give him plenty of touches of the football when he is lined up behind the line of scrimmage, but don't overuse him.

I just think that we need to use him as much as possable until some team from the NFL picks him up and puts him on the practice roster

Better to use him effectively rather than as much as possible.

WOW... check THIS out....


yeh no need to risk injury let jojo n holmes do it lol

Corey has sucked so far tonight on returns. Give Corey a few more reps at scrimmage and let Jesse try the return.

Come on Fans!

When you have someone to return kicks they have to be a fast player.

  1. Jesse is Fast but with power.

  2. Walker is Fast and quick

  3. Corey is Fast and quick

Jesse would not be a good idea to put back they and then turn around and have him run the ball.

And for the record having him back there and the blocking isnt that good. You are really asking him to get hurt. Then what would you do if that happens

The first two seasons Jesse was here he was a kick returner with us and did a hell of a job with it.

Then put him back there lol