Jesse Palmer's comments about the CFL

I like this guy as a football analyst, too bad he didn't give a full shot with the CFL but fully understand why he would choose the broadcasting thing.

[b]"Palmer says his brief CFL experience convinced him that the league is highly underrated.

"People say the players aren't as good, not as talented. I disagree," he says. "The skill sets are different ... the emphasis is on speed.

"There were guys in Montreal who were easily as good as the guys I played with in the NFL."[/b]

Good for Jesse Palmer!

Of course he's going to say that, he wasn't good enough to play in this league, so obiously he is going to say it's a talented league.

If he says the league isn't as talented as the NFL and yet he was not good enough to play here he would basically be admitting he stinks.

His comments don't surprise me at all. I doubt he was sincere though. I couldn't give a damn what he has to say personally.

Yet you respond to what he has to say.

hmmmm :?

I believe he was good enough Glovesave but that's just my opinion.

You can doubt all you want that his comments weren't sincere but the fact is he said this and that's what matters to me. I'm in no position whatsoever to determine whether his comments were sincere or not.

I'm always happy whenever the CFL gets respect. So good for Palmer.

i actually READ the article and J.P gives a great insight into the top levels of the football and broadcast world, Its to bad Politics got in the way of him not forging a CFL career., the CFL could use him, and i wonder if the Politics related to his being Canadian QB??--- Politics= Chang starting over Williams!!!--- ??? has there ever been another Canadian to start in the ncaa div 1?

That’s a whole different discussion Mass, the politics of the CFL and other such Canadian entities, and Canadian content rules. I won’t venture into this one though, I don’t have the stomach for it at the moment if you know what I mean. :wink:

We didnt get to see Palmer play up hear, and that !#@- his comment about Cfl level of play ,is not new, Flutie said similar and so Did Ricky Williams!cheers

I never saw Palmer play but to make any NFL roster, you have to be good. Look at all the good CFL players (even all-stars) who have tried to make NFL teams and failed. I think with a scheme like Edmonton's he would've been fine. I would've loved to have seen a 1st string Canadian QB. I would then have been an Argo-Cat-skimo fan. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

Doug Flutie and others who have played in both leagues have said as much.

Nothing new here. Old news really.

hey barneyfife1, who do you go for when hamilton plays the argos?