Jesse Palmer

Now it appears Ottawa will not have a team in 08, one wonders what will become of Jesse Palmer? My first guess was that he would end up in Ottawa but now what? He might withhold his services and play the free market in 08. However he is unproven and I would doubt that any CFL team is going to give him the first string QB status he requires.I condone the Als not giving first string status as I believe he is a prima dona. He was second string in the NFL and these guys, with the exception of Flutie,usually do not become stars in the CFL.

i thought he was a first stringer in the NFL?

He started a couple of games but as a 3rd stringer

I just want to know what the deal is with his hair on NFL network telecasts, I mean Ed Grimly or what?

My bet is he'll give up football for broadcasting now. That's too bad, because I heard from a couple of people with the Als that Palmer was really picking up the game well at the end of last season.

When I saw him take a few snaps during practice at the Grey Cup last year, he looked good. He'd make a great number two pivot in 2007, but I guess that isn't what he has in mind for himself.

I think he may change his mind now that Ottawa is out

Even if he doesn't show up, we have AC as our starter, Marcus Brady as #2, with Scott McBrien (wasn't he in camp last year?) and Kliff Kingsbury to battle for #3. I'm content with that. I just hope that of our new crop of receivers there's a diamond in the rough there somewhere; I'm more concerned about our receiving corps than I am the QB spot.

If Palmer is into money, he can make more in broadcasting. If he wants to prove he can play football at the pro level (which he has not really done), he might stick around and accept to show up at training camp. If he does not show up at training camp (because he was promised nothing about a starting role), I for one will doubt his ability. The guy is still young; he has seen up close what AC can do. He knows if he is better than AC or not. If he refuses to play because he has no guarantees about starting games, well, that tells me he knows he is not sure of winning "straight out" against AC. Maybe he needs to grow a pair.
By the way, Look at Kingsbury's profile on the Al's website. He is a big guy with many school records. He might just be the next forgotten no name QB to make it big in the CFL. Seriously, look at his bio.

Good point on Palmer Indy. Now, I have not heard of him saying himself that he would not come to camp but if he doesn't then so be it. I mean, does he really feel that he has proven himself as a QB by spending most of his time in the NFL holding a clipboard?

Trouble is, if a TV network offers him big money, how do you turn it down to make less in the CFL?

Popp said today
Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 12:00PM

A message from General Manager and Head Coach Jim Popp regarding recent speculation on whether Jesse Palmer will report to training camp:

"Jesse is under contract with the Alouettes. Following my latest discussions with him, I have no information that would indicate he will not be at training camp." ... ;nid=16416

I am Say it Really Decent of you to think so