Jesse Palmer signs with the Alouettes

This CFL gets more interesting each week. Jesse Palmer signing with the Alouettes...and the guy is only 27 years old. What do folks think about this? Personally, both for him and the league, I hope he has a long and successful career.(except when the riders play against him)

maybe you dont realize that this is a [i]SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDER[/i] forum :roll: we dont care if there is a signin from the Alouettes or any other CFL club :roll:

lol, you couldnt be more right BGM

Why do you guys need to be so rude to people. Is it such a sin to be fan of the CFL first and a 'rider fan second? I love this game, I love this league. And I watch each and every game that is on TV as possible regardless of who is playing. When it comes to a favorite team... you bet... riders all the way till death... but come on now

here i will repost it again oxbow :roll: plz keep that shit out of here :expressionless: next thing you know it, other teams will be posting there signing in here to :expressionless:

So what's wrong with posting a signing from another team? I'm interested in it, and often a signing like this can impact other teams too - ever heard of trades?? I'm with Oxbow on this guys are being rude. Lighten up.

and you talk about rude 1st you post this topic on here where IMO it doesnt belong, they post it in the main forum (where it belongs!!) and u dont even make a comment about it in the main forum :roll: but you just want to post it in here maybe other team forums? boy does that make sense :lol: or i mean RUDE!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oxbow's from Saskatchewan.....many people post only in team forums and not on the main forum.....

He wasn't being rude, he was being informative.

well like i said its IMO, and every tom dick & harry will post in here :expressionless: informative yes, but in here i dont think so, thats why we have a main forum :expressionless: