Jesse Palmer released

Canadian Quarterback Jesse Palmer has been released by the Giants. The Montreal Alouettes own his CFL rights.

Unfortunately Montreals top draft choice 2 years ago Alain Kashama has made the 53 man roster of the Seattle Seahawks.

If Palmer does come to the CFL, I could see the Alouettes trade the Ontario born boy to the Renegades, Ti-Cats or Argos for some top defensive help. Can you say Eiben?

Then again they could keep him.

The CFL should reward there teams for having a Canadian Quarterback, but no, QB's are exempt from the import quota rule,so it doesn't matter that he is Canadian. Except for marketing and pride reasons!

Palmer as trade bait, Als I would think he would add some much needed depth at the qb position for you guys..

Didn’t he want something like half a million from the Allouettes? The Argos wouldn’t trade Eiben away for Palmer. The Argos will go after Maas, or hell even BuckPierce, or look down south to and undrafted qb. Besides, who’s to say Jesse won’t get a call from Chicago or Miami or some team desperate for some kind of exprienced qb though Palmer doesn’t have much of it.
Here’s a guy took look out for in the CFL though. He was just cut by the Cardinals.

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Calvillo ain't getting any younger......but then again neither is 'forever and ever' Damon.....the obvious question then being for the Al's Calvillo an Allen....they better start thinking about the future....

A.C. is only 33 he still has quite a few good years in him. I think that looking for a replacement now is a bit of a waste of time because what quality QB would be willing to ride the bench for 5 or 6 years waiting for the starter to retire?

Als Molson, I can't see him going to the Renegades. Kerry Joseph is the man there.. Definetly Toronto, Hamilton or what about Saskatchewan?

Agreed. Kerry Joseph is young, theres no reason for him to go to Ottawa. Plus, Darnell Kennedy is a solid back up.

Kerry Joseph is the same age as Cavillo. Palmer is an Ottawa boy.
Keep him or trade him, either way, if he comes to the CFL, he is a valuable commodity for the Als.

He wont come, and if he did, he sure wouldnt be happy
sitting on the bench.

Think he’d sign for cheap…not bloody likely.

There is a chance for sure that he gets picked up as a 3rd QB by another NFL team, but maybe not.
How badly do you think the Glieberman's would want there hometown hero in Ottawa? with Matinee idol good looks and of course was on the Bachelor. Suppose to be a pretty good QB too.
But I bet the Glieberman's would drool at the prospect!

omg some of you ppl make me sick how could you guys say that Darnell Kenedy is a good back-up quarterback thats retarded ...whenever he plays its 2 and out and ugly boring plays that he still cant complete I mean someone who says Ottawa has no problem with qb's you are sooooooooooo blind...even Kerry Joeseph isnt really good alot of the passes makes the receivers that are running full speed have to stop and dive backward just to catch the ball which doesnt allow yard after catch and even lucky to catch....and alot of the balls are big time overthrown you always see Renegade recievers jump 3 feet....thank god they have good verticals...thats why he has to run so much i mean theres nothing really special about him he should be a backup and Ottawa should look for a great QB I think Jesse Palmer is the future.

I hope he comes to Ottawa.....he was born in Nepean and would be very popular in the city[/b]

Didn't I hear somewhere that Jesse Palmers father or uncle once played for the Ottawa Rough Riders? but I'm not sure.