jesse palmer in cfl?

i was on the ti cat site for an odd reason and on the form it said jess palmer wants to play in the cfl?

ps. i dont think this is true personally

who is he?

A pretty-boy quarterback who was a former Bachelor castmember.....

he any good?

(sry, players aren't really my domain of knowledge)

he was on OTR a few weeks ago i think he played for the NY Giants

He is a Canadian QB who played his college ball for the University of Florida and was a third string QB for NY Giants.

I Canadian QB ALL RIGHT!!!

Kenga Kucha... what is your area of domain if you don't know who Jesse Palmer is??


Team History and logos

and if this guy is a Canadian QB cut form the NFL, the Bombers should do what they can to sign him and drop Tee Martin.

Small problem with that is the als have his cfl rights so if the bombers wantedh im theyd have to trade for him

Jesse Palmer hasn't given up his aspirations to play in the NFL. During the NFL offseason he signed with the San Francisco 49ers to be their 3rd string QB. I think that will be his last stop in the NFL and he will eventually be out of the league.


...The Als. can keep Mr. Palmer...maybe he can stike a good pose when he's getting sacked..... Mike Quinn has more potential........He was in Montreal's training camp last year...and according to Berry he was a real find... Quinn.just didn't want to play second fiddle to Calvillo....So if Berry thinks Mike has the potential to be another Anthony Calvillo...I'll go with that... :arrow:

OK, how many sets of owners have the argos had?

If this quinn guy is so great why did no one think to pick him up during the seaosn last year. Do you really think he will be able to beat out Glenn or even Michna? No one goes from unkown to starter without at hte veyr least spending some time as a backup unless youre the riders QB in which case starter and backup are pretty much the same thing its too hard to tell

oh gee, I don't know that much, but Ã?'ll take a guess, 15?

....I was your people wo assessed him last year....AND besides you don't hang around in the nfl. for as long as Qiuinn has....unless you have something going for you..the times he did get in the line-up down there ..apparently he was prety impressive ......we'll see...Could be.. one got away on you mada.... :wink:

I dunno he seems like nothing special. He was at the als evaluation camp last year? His name never once came up even as a third stringer he was like 6th on the depth chart going into the als training camp last year. If he think he can jsut jump in to the cfl and be a starter hes gonna be disappointed. I really think the bombers will be starting the season with glenn and michna as numbers 1 and 2 respectively

.../....I have to go with Berry on Mike Quinn...he says he has all the tools to be a good qb. in this league...Doug worked closely with Calvillo when he was with the ALS....and I have a lot of confidence in his appraisal of qbs...I am pretty sure he wouldn't have recommended him to the Bombers if he hadn't seen something really good in the guy....The transistion from nfl to CFL. is a tough one ..for sure....but Berry said Quinn was calling his own plays from scrimmage in just a short time...and they were it would appear he is a quick i said before .....we'll see... :roll:

it will be interesting to see training camp this year there is a possibility that there will be a QB controversy this year

im really looking forwards to seeing quinn this year, and simpson and warener wearing the blue and gold to.