Jesse Palmer-Finally a Canadian QB

Now that Jesse Palmer is with the Alouettes some interesting times could develop.With Palmer having played in the NFL after coming from a US major college he will not have to face the "racism" Canadians usually get from american head coaches in Canada.I hope this is just the beginning of a number of Canadian QB's in the CFL. Palmer comes to the Als at an opportune time.The Als are pretty dense in the QB position after Calvillo.Greene seems to throw an interception every time he attempts a forward pass and,his running ability is suspect after the broken leg of last year.Brady was a bust with Hamilton and Toronto and this leaves an opening for a second string QB. Palmer will need grooming. He is a pocket passer and will have to adept to the Canadian game but then he went to the USA from the Canadian game experience as a youngster.ASide from the second string issue,the Als do need to develop another QB and Palmer is several years younger than Calvillo. Perhaps we have a jem worth polishing? Lets be honest, with the exception of perhaps BC and Edmonton, all the other CFL clubs would jump at the chance to have Palmer on their team. FRom the Als perception,there could be all kinds of trade options for the Als especially if Ottawa returns to the CFL.However,from the perspective of an Alouette fan,lets hope Palmer is groomed as a future QB in Montreal's system.

Palmer should go back to t.v. and hairspray commercials. Forget the CFL he is the wrong type for our game.
Riders Rule!

re-"Palmer should go back to t.v. and hairspray commercials" imo it would be different seeing a CFL player doing commercials :stuck_out_tongue:

Jesse Palmer probably thinks he'll come up here like Doug Flutie did and dominate the league? If he is he's in for a very rude awakening.

Because people like Tee Martin, Eric Crouch, and others with NFL experience have thought the same thing, only to realize they're out of their league in the CFL.

Palmer keeps talking about going back to the NFL one day? He better first try to make a CFL roster. Because really, outside of the BAchelor, what's he done? And he wouldn't be the first guy with a big name from an American school to come up here and flop. Good luck Jesse. You'll need it.

Totally agree with your point berezin, but you can't (at least not yet) compare Martin and Crouch. That Tee Martin was a total flop is undeniable, but the jury is still out on Crouch, we haven't seen him play much yet (looked good his first time in, not so good the second). He may flop like Martin, but on the other hand he may not. Time will tell.

Problem I foresee for Palmer is that all I've heard (and I confess to never having seen him play) is that he's a drop-back passer without much mobility....that does not sound to me like your prototypical CFL QB. But again, let's give him a chance and see what he can do.

AC is a drop back passer without much mobility and he does ok. I hope this works out for the Als down the line.. I'd like to see a Canadian start at QB in this league.

I just wish cdn qb's got the time to develop. Cfl teams say they don't have the time, but they spend years developing US qb's, even from division III schools. Rocky Butler 5 years 3rd string. Danny McManus at least 5 years of backup before starting. Crandell has been back up for most of his career. Yet he still gets a chance. Brady has spent the last 5 years being the next starter in waiting. If teams are willing to wait 5 years or recycle qb's for 8 years. Why not take a home grown guy.

Palmer sucks. In florida, he shared the starter position for two years. He was cut from the 49ers who have 3 below avg qbs.

Does anyone know when Palmer played his last game. I checked all of the 49ers pre-season games and he didn't even throw one pass. As for Palmer not being mobile enough for the Cfl, Cavillio and Ricky Ray aren't very mobile and look how great they are. What is all this crap that Marcus Brady was a flop in Toronto, he brought the Arogs to Eastern final in 2003 and almost beat the Al's. He needs more playing time, I believe Brady and Palmer will be the future of the Al's when Cavillio retires after the Al's third staight Grey Cup win in 2008 in Montreal.

Palmer should do alright with a decent team, it will be interesting to watch his progress.

He is a stiff as a QB, in either league. Very immobile and as a drop back passer this will not cut in in any football league, especially our game.

Danny McManus did alright with 80 year old legs on him. This guy can too and I'm sure he can run a wee bit faster than DMac, but he wouldn't have the zip on the ball of a DMac I would think.
A mobile qb is a huge asset for sure, but I don't think a necessity to be successful in the CFL game.

hey, you guys are saying that an immobile QB isn't right for our league.. But take a look around and see ! McManus isn't exactly Mobile! look how well he did? And Dickenson isn't exactly the mobile QB you all talk about !!

You can't automatically write off Palmer just because he's not the mobile QB like Joseph or Glenn or Ray .. etc

Given the right kind of Offensive Scheme, any QB can do well!

so I don't buy that Crap!

and who knows ?! Maybe Palmer will work out! Afterall i'm sure he did play some Canadian style football, before he went to Florida !

don't be so quick to judge!

The big difference between Danny Mac and what little I have seen from Palmer, is Danny's very quick release and the ability to read the defense. Something which immobile drop back passers must have or they are done like toast.

I agree on Crouch he will be a good CFL QB! But T Martin is he the worlds fastest chicken that Taman recruited! :lol:

AFL at best!

Your right DM had the brains to read defenses Palmer well he knows is hair sprays!

I don’t think he will start for the Al’s, but maybe Ottawa could use him?

I also hope this is a beginning of a trend in the CFL.

Does Anyone Know How Much The Als Signed Him For, I Know He Just Got Signed To The Practice Roster But For How Much And How Long?

I dont believe $ figures were mentioned, but I read they signed him to a 10 day practice contract. This guy is a stiff, he has all the attributes the NFL looks for in their proto-typical qb mold, except talent.

Your a stiff, have you seen an NFL game since 1980? You make it sound so simple to make an NFL roster.