Jesse Palmer Done in Montreal and CFL???

Couldn’t agree with you more, discipline. I would be quite content going into this season with Marcus Brady as #2 behind AC and bring in some hungry young kid as third string and let prima donna Palmer take his marbles and go home and cry. No one gets anything handed to him on a silver platter, and Palmer shouldn’t expect to be treated any differently.

If he comes to camp and competes with the right attitude, all is well and good. But if he’s going to whine and get Daddy to make these kinds of comments, then don’t let the door hit you on the way out…not only does this look like Feterik father and son, it is also reminiscent of the Lindros family in hockey. In short, we don’t need this.

They’ve been signed to contracts. That’s all. Are they guaranteed to compete with the incumbent starters for a spot? Nope. For all we know, they might get cut during training camp.

This is pro football, folks. No guarantees. Palmer should know that.

ummmm…‘cflisthebest’ said noone from the NFL gets a shot at starting QB in the CFL, which isnt true.

the argos and the stamps have said, both the players i’ve named ( smith & mcmahon )are getting a chance to EARN the starting job in camp.

OFCOURSE, they might get cut IF they dont have what it takes, but they ARE getting the chance to EARN the starting job.

so what ‘cflisthebest’ said is false.

"Any time you bring competition in, it elevates play, Barker said. Will Akili Smith rise to where he can compete with Henry? That's still unknown."
so, while akili smith isnt being handed the starters role, he is being given the chance to Earn it if he's better than burris in camp.

But obviously the situation is different in Montreal. Teams don't have the same needs. Popp obviously doesn't feel the need to have anyone challenging Calvillo for the starting job. Palmer knows this. So why is he bitching and moaning? Suck it up, kid, and just wait for your chance.

im not saying it isnt different in just saying what cflisthebest said is incorrect.

thats why i quoted that part of his post when i replied.

Fair enough, drummer. :slight_smile:

I just can't stand this little punk stirring up trouble before training camp has even started.

And not wanting to Jinx Calvillo, but he hasn't sustained a long term type of injury that I recall. Wouldn't Palmer kick himself if Calvillo goes down in week 2 for any length of time?

Um NO they DIDN'T!
Akiki got cut pretty fast!

and McMahon? excuse me? where's this guy..

I don't recall anyone ever saying Mike McMahon might get to start!

usually when a player comes into camp, they're fighting to start!

not to be a 3rd stringer!

No QB comes in and says "I'm here to become the 3rd string QB"

they all come in hoping to start!

that's like saying..

I'm being hired as a coach, hoping to miss the playoffs!! :roll:

then you haven't read half the articles i have.

the only reason mcmahon came to the argos is cuz he was promised the chance to earn the starters spot.

where are you reading that akili smith was cut by the stamps?

McMahon will get cut, you watch.

even if he does get cut, he still had the chance in camp to earn the starters job, and must not have won the you were wrong.

from the globe and mail, when mcmahon signed with the argos:

There's also an understanding he will have to earn the starter's job instead of having it handed to him.
[url=] ... 1-sun.html[/url]
"That was a definite factor in my decision," McMahon said yesterday in a phone interview. "They told me the job is wide open for competition, something I loved to hear."

why is Montreal messing with Palmers career?? He would be a great addition to the cfl qb depth chart. this is a Disgrace! :twisted:

I deleted my own post when I saw this one. This is really the long and short of it.

You don't even have to go to Manley. Daddy Glieberman handing the keys to Lonie is example enough. What were Lonie's qualifications for running a football team again? Failing twice before?

If Jesse Palmer came in and lit it up, everything would be fine, but if he struggles for any length of time and continues to be on the field, it would look bad.

First of all and from what little I have seen of this guy, mind you he hasn't played alot in the No Fun League, he is a stiff. A drop back passer, by en large immobile and with a weak to average arm.
At best, he may be able to crack a 3rd string but no better then 2nd string position in the CFL.
I agree with discipline how this has all the makings of the Feterik fiasco a few years back in Calgary.
As for papa Palmer, here is a guy who is fronting the group trying to land Ottawa. You would think the guy would not create any waves with other fellow teams/managers?
Where if Frank D'Angelo and Jeff Hunt when you need them.

I really dont think that Popp told him that he has no chance at the starters job.
I can see Popp saying that the job is AC's to lose. I dont think Popp is dumb enough to think that no one can take his place at this stage of AC's career

I think Palmer will sit out the year and then go to Ottawa

Um, nothing's happened yet ... This is all 100% speculation. Bill Palmer doesn't even own the Ottawa franchise yet, let alone has he mentioned using his son at QB ... and at least his son has played top-level football, somewhat successfully ... unlike Feterik.

I agree, though, that if Bill Palmer gets the Ottawa franchise, it would be best to avoid using Jesse at QB.

Still, this isn't completely unprecedented ... the Flames drafted Darryl Sutter's son last year ...

Being an Alouettes fan though I can say that they need a little competition at the QB position after AC's performance in the GC last November. They don't give this guy a true shot?? they might be cutting their own throats.

I have my doubts that they are denying him a shot!

Jesse should go backup Calvillo, get some experience, learn the Canadian game again - then in 2008 be ready to be Ottawa's starting QB. If Bill Palmer is going to be the new front man in Ottawa - he should be encouraging this idea!