Jesse Palmer Done in Montreal and CFL???

It appears that Canadian quarterback Jesse Palmer might not break camp with the Montreal Alouettes. A report in Friday's Montreal Gazette said Palmer's attendance was "unlikely."

The Gazette spoke to the quarterback's father, Bill Palmer, and he expressed doubts that his son would attend Alouettes camp "due to the complete indifference by Montreal."

The senior Palmer also expressed disappointment over the development.

"This is a bilingual Canadian kid who would have been happy playing there 10 years," he told the Gazette. "If they don't do something with him, they'll lose him. The kid deserves to play somewhere. It's going to be a sad day if he doesn't."

The elder Palmer contends that the team does not intend to give Jesse a chance to compete with incumbent starter Anthony Calvillo. The younger Palmer is entering his option year with the Alouettes and can be a free agent after the 2007 season.

"He had to go to Montreal because they drafted him," Palmer's father told the Gazette. "But he didn't have a terrific experience. He had no choice, but now he does have a choice. He wanted to go and compete for the starting job or look at his options. But now they can trade him or he'll retire or pursue broadcasting."

Broadcasting is certainly a viable option for Palmer, who would likely make more money on TV than on the field. He has already covered the NFL for FOX, and will work for the NFL Network at this weekend's draft. According to the Gazette, Palmer already has an offer from MSG to work on New York Giants and Jets games, and is negotiating with FOX, ESPN and CBS.

That doesn't leave the Alouettes out, however. Said palmer's father, "the kid just wants to play football."

is that Jesse talking? or his dad talking? of course his dad feels that he "deserves to play" just like Kevin Feterik "deserved to play" in Calgary...
being French Canadian doesn't guarantee anything as far as playing for the Als and thats the way it should be

He'll be in the CFL me thinks reading this.

"If Palmer doesn't play this season, that doesn't mean his career is over; far from it. By sitting out, he would become a free agent next February. Normally, a player's stock would plummet by not playing. But all indications are the Canadian Football League will return to Ottawa in 2008. The potential franchise would love to have Palmer, raised in Nepean, Ont., as its starting quarterback -- especially if his father, who's part of a group of business investors, succeeds in landing an expansion team."

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too bad it doesnt go into any detail or give any real update.

Interesting timing - the QB wants to change teams, as his dad looks to buy a team of his own ...

dg, they probably can't go into more details because nothing has been signed yet. But lots of stuff going on at the CFL head office with groups really wanting to get back to Ottawa. Obviously there are negotiations going on big time.

theres usually leaks to the media saying how negotiations are going, and what the troubling parts are.

so far..nothing.

It will be Cohon's first really big announcement at some point I think, to make him look like he's the one to deliver on this, sort of like what TW appeared to do with Hamilton and Toronto announcments of new ownership.

I must be missing something here. What did the Als say to him to make him feel this way ?

they prolly told him he's a backup this season, and it's calvillo's job nomatter what happens in camp.

he just wants the CHANCE to earn the starters job.

Basicall they told him, from what I understand, Calvillo is the starter, no competition for the starter's job at all there.

dg beat me to it by seconds, I'll get you for that dg! :wink:

if i were him, i'd still report to camp. can't hurt.

its better to be around football and practice for a season, then being off the field completely.

if he is gonna be the starting QB in ottawa in '08, its better that he's still in the league this season.

This could come back to haunt Popp.

as far as i'm concerned, if the whiny boy wants to leave because he feels he's not being given a fair shot.. then go! get out of here and leave the CFL alone..

no one comes into the CFL and get's a shot at a starting spot for QB just because you played in the NFL!

Father and son are both idiots. And whiny idiots at that. No kidding Calvillo's the starter. Why on earth would Popp say differently when Palmer has proven exactly ZERO in the CFL at this point in time? Palmer's acting like he's Peyton Manning when in truth the onus is on him to prove he belongs. Calvillo is a proven veteran with a Grey Cup ring who's given everything to the Als and the Montreal community, but some punk whose daddy wants to buy a CFL franchise is whining because no one's handing him the starting QB spot on a platter?

Bah. This is Feterik & son all over again. Any player who makes trouble before the season has even started over a non-issue like this is not welcome on my team.

But if I'm Palmer's father, and if I owned a team, I would want him as my qb if I thought he was good enough, and Palmer has enough credentials to suggest the guy should be able to play at the CFL level. So, if you don't let my son start then, as Horatio on CSI says, I will get you, in this case get the Als back when the Gades play again. :wink:

It's not that I don't think Palmer can start. I just think the nepotism and favouritism is bad for the league and for the Ottawa franchise if it comes back. It's exactly the same crap as Glieberman insisting the Riders play Dexter Manley or Feterik shoehorning his son into the starting job over the coach's wishes. It's a recipe for disaster. What if the Gades coach cuts Palmer? What if he decides someone else is more qualified? Is he going to worry about losing his job because he's not playing the boss's son?

Palmer has to work for what he gets. So he was in the NFL. Big frickin deal. If he were that good, he'd still be in the NFL now, but he's not. So he'd better get his ego in check and EARN his stripes in the CFL. Ricky Williams, a former NFL star with ten times as many credentials, didn't cop this kind of attitude. He respected the league, worked hard, and did his job. Palmer should follow Williams's example.

He might end up getting blackballed in the CFL other than if his father owns a team.

really? :roll:

akili smith, mike mcmahon...just to name a couple.

But the thing here is, Anthony Calvillo is firmly entrenched in the starter’s spot … Burris, Glenn, perhaps even Maas haven’t exactly solidified their positions like Ray, Calvillo, Dickenson and Pierce have.