Jesse Palmer cut by 49ers

exactly, i love the way you think, people hype up jesse palmer like he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, because he was 3rd string QB for 4 years, BIG DEAL!!!! Alex Van Pelt was a backup QB for the Buffalo Bills for 10 years, and everybody knew the only resason he was on the squad was that he was from the area and he was buddy-buddy with the owner Ralph Wilson, just because your a 3rd string QB it doesn't mean much, third team QBs get no reps in practice, their main job is to run the scout team, people on this board, live in fairytale land and need to wake up and smell reality.

Printers - one year CFL MVP - another year head of the scout team. Yikes, but it's all about the money I guess.

QB's do not count towards the ratio IIRC.

That is pretty stupid, and suprising, but then again nothing the league does suprises me anymore. They'll allow a kicker who plays 3-4 plays a game count but not a q.b? I hope the new comish cleans out CFL headquarters, no one there deserves to keep their job, and I wouldn't be suprised if Mcmahon does in fact work there.