Jesse Palmer cut by 49ers

Do you think he'd look good in a TiCat uniform? Too bad the Ottawa franchise isn't up and running. Local boy comes home kind of thing.

Personally, I think he's too immobile to be effective in the CFL despite the fact that he managed to stick around the NFL for 4 seasons.

An Argo fan

Lets bring in Tommy Dennison! (Just kidding of course)

While we're thinking of bringing in Canadian QB's, why not draft Adam Archibald next year ?

Which college he from?


I personally think that the 'Cats should convert Scott Park to housing units and then bring in every cut from every team in the world for a try-out.

Sorry Barney. I too think that he doesn’t have the mobility. I’m just in rant mode this week about every cut from every other team getting a thread. Some of them ARE good but some of the suggestions…

Oh well- I guess I’m cranky because the college year has started for me.

your an argo fan, so why do you care who the ti-cats sign? plus montreal owns his cfl rights, plus he's overrated, plus if he wanted to play in the cfl he would have joined a long time ago.

So any player who takes their best shot at making the NFL does not want to play here? :roll:

takes his best shot? the guy shot a dumb reality show instead of training hard and playing in nfl europe to develop his skills. It obvious he isnt serious about football, he seems pretty content just being a journeyman backup, the guy seems like he only cares about doing superbowl reports for rogers sportsnet, so he can get a free vacation to the superbowl.

Could be in Ottawa next year with the other Jesse. Jess Palmer and Jesse Lumsden, they both grew up in Ottawa and played for the Myers Ryders in Nepean.
Would be good marketing for the new franchise.

  1. CFL fan 1st, Argo fan 2nd
  2. If Ottawa has a team next year, Palmer's rights can be dealt for from Montreal
  3. Over-rated maybe but he impressed enough NFL people to stick for 4 years. (Something which the highly touted Lumsden has yet to do.)
  4. Why would anyone turn down NFL $$ to play in the CFL even if it wanted to?

An Argo fan

Yah you'd have to be crazy not to aspire to play in the NFL, what with all the money and notority the players recieve.

Barney, remember that mobility, while a nice commodity in the CFL, isn't a necessity, look at DMac, not a bad career who I'm sure was never as mobile as Palmer is.

i think its great that fans from other teams come on here and add comments.
Some to poke fun & some with an upside post. I think its better than reading ticat fans attack each other after each post

About nfl cuts, to put things in perspective -for eg-Steeve y(sp)- could not make team canada for the canada cup series in the 80,s- Darryl sittler only made team canada as a left winger- jesse palmer got the gaters to the orange bowl, thats why he was allowed to stay in the nfl, ------- anyone who really thinks the two jesse,s from canada arent good enouph for the nfl are being foolish.

Yeah, we all need balance in our lives don't we. :slight_smile: And I'm like Barney, a CFL fan 1st and an Argo fan 2nd. :smiley: Ticat fan 3rd. :stuck_out_tongue:

with the trade talk about maas, maybe to monteal for Palmers rites. If he will sign in hamilton,

I agree, if they allow us to work a deal with Palmer before the trade then it makes sence. I like Maas, but he has a shoulder injury that will never fully heal, so we should be looking for someone who fits in here long term 5-10 years, plus Palmer allow us to start another import somewhere else.

Well if Palmer signs here, my wife will be happy, she thinks he's a hunk. Hey, as long as he is good for the team, fine with me and if the girls like him and want to buy tickets, good then I guess.

Yup, that's true. And Ricky Ray is pretty statuesque at times too. A good arm and a good head can overcome a lack of good legs.

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