Jesse Palmer = Big Loser!

the guy can go rot in the USA for all I care.

he's a bum and will always be a bum!

he still figures that he has the right to fight for 1st String QB when he fails to realize that you earn your spot, no one's given ANYTHING!

get lost Palmer.. go back to Bachelor and try again for some other girl... even that's not too good for you! :thdn:

Don't hold back cflisthebest, tell us how you really feel! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Unfortunately, it all comes down to money. If a TV contract is bigger than a CFL contract, then I guess you have to take what puts food on the table! The big US Networks obviously have lots of money to throw around.

That reminds me of NBA player Latrell Sprewell
scoffing at a $10 million a year contract

by saying he needed more to feed his family.

When Jesse adds a few more zeros on his contract
by taking that TV football analyst job in the U.S.

he’ll be able to feed his future family
a lot more Kraft dinners than he would
if he stayed here to play QB in the CFL.

You know!
When you think about it, he is not being unreasonable. He is not saying he deserves to be No 1. he is saying he wants a chance to “fight” for it!

Look at it this way.
You get invited to training camp. They give you a helmet and a jersey and they tell you to go sit on the bench for 2 weeks. Wouldn’t you prefer that they give you the ball once or twice so you can show them what you can do? If you fail then you fail. If you make it, you it. But at least you tried.

You head off to the licence bureau to take your first driving test. The instructor takes one look at you and says you fail. You didn’t even sit in the car but he say you have no chance of passing!

Does it make sense? All you want is the chance to try!

I am not saying he would make the starters spot, but I think they should give him an honest look!

i agree with that!

I also agree, if you are going to sign him, he should be at least given the chance to show that he can play. Pass or fail, at least he can say he was given a fair shot, not just to sit there and hold a clipboard or fetch gatorade for the starter.

Hold on a second, was he officially cut by the Als?
I don't recall seeing an official report.

No he was not cut!
TSN reported last month that his father claimed he would not report to the Als camp because Popp sayed he will not be given a shot at the starter spot

However Popp said today
Thursday, May 17, 2007 - 12:00PM

A message from General Manager and Head Coach Jim Popp regarding recent speculation on whether Jesse Palmer will report to training camp:

"Jesse is under contract with the Alouettes. Following my latest discussions with him, I have no information that would indicate he will not be at training camp."

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