Jesse Palmer .... a Ticat

Any chance we'll see Jesse Palmer as a Ticat?
I know Montreal has his rights. Maybe a deal can be made.

perhaps a question mark at the end of your header would have been nice.

not Much..


You thought McManus had no mobility?

Palmer will ever be any good in the CFL.

may be trade the rights of jesse lundsman for palmer lundsman has shown that he wants to play in the NFL so lets try to get something for a guy that will probablly never play for the ticats for a full season

Jesse Palmer a Ticat...what? Colour Commentator?

Stelco's blast furnace has more mobility than he does.

Jesse Palmer… :? :?

How about the rights to Printers or a reasonable facsimile.

In the cfl you need mobility. :cowboy:

Oh- you can get away with a lot less thanyou think if there’s the right ‘o-line’ and the offence is geared to your style. That doesn’t mean that I want Palmer. I wish someone would make a real case for him. Most interest seems to be based upon his celebrity status… sort of a Paris Hilton of the football world.

Maybe we should ask Paris in for a tryout.

Jesse Palmer???
The escarpment has shown more lateral movement.

(Sorry, just thought I'd pile on. Seemed like fun!)

Jesse Palmer? That guy's got the mobility of a glacier!

(...still fun!)

Jesse Palmer?!?! The Ivor Wynne light standards move more than this guy!!

Jesse Palmer!?! I heard eggs can scramble better than he can!

Palmers mobility is fine.

[i]"His CFL rights are held by the Montreal Alouettes, but his father, Bill, represents one of several prospective ownership groups looking to bring a new franchise to Ottawa.

Bill Palmer has steadfastly denied that his interest in reviving Ottawa's CFL team is rooted in boosting his son's career, but Jesse Palmer has always said that he wants to play in his hometown and added that was going to happen "sooner or later in my mind." [/i]

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Jesse Palmer!?!? I hear players confuse him for the goal-posts!

Palmer couldn't even amke a tactfull move on the bachlor

I thought Palmer's mobility was good, until I realized that his highlight reel wasn't in slow motion after all.

This is Fun!!! :stuck_out_tongue: ...Maybe we'll have to create a website dedicated to

I like this one the best.

Can't resist: The HMCS Haida rolls out more than Palmer does.

interesting comments about palmer,being a nfl backup, he would strictly be doing what his coaches told him to do, he could be a lot more mobil in a canadian offence , also he cut his teeth in Canadian Jr football did he not?