Jesse Palmer - 2 Questions

I have 2 questions about Jesse Palmer.

  1. Will he end up in the CFL?

  2. Is he good?

yes to one.

remains to be seen which one.

He has all the physical tools to be a great QB.
Any QB that gets drafted in the 4th round of the NFL draft has stud potential.

I think that he would be great in the CFL.

We need beeter QBs in the CFL to get the scoring back up.

But has he sat for too long?

add a fourth down to the game and the scoring will go up. Teams might even start running the ball to give some balance.

I wish People will Stop Trying to Turn us into the NFL North..

4 downs
Make the Field Smaller
Make the Endzone Smaller
Push the goal posts back

Get Rid of the single point
add a Fair Catch

ect ect ect ect

THIS is The CFL Love it or leave it..

thank you! our game is so much better than the nfls. i think its funny when people want us to get more of there rules

Palmer was never really that bad in the NFL not like a Rob Johnson. Hes worth a good look if you ask me.

[But has he sat for too long?
The way QB's have been groomed in the past is hold the clipboard for 3-4 years, then throw them in. The problem now is all the highly drafted QBs are making such ridiculous $$$ with a salary cap teams can not afford to have them learn from the sidelines.

There are tons of QBs who have gone that route in the NFL:
They even had a guy like Theisman returning kicks.

Changing the rules will make CFL boring, I love the game the way it is. NFL is boring..4 downs to go 10yrds where is the skill in that.

Jesse Palmer seems to be a good prospect for the CFL, I am not sure bringing him in and making him starter for a team would be the best idea.

I think with the current talent pool to pick and choose from in the NFL and more coming every year from college, Jesse Palmer is more likely to start in the CFL or 3rd string the NFL.