Jesse Lumsden's Got To Go!

Gottcha! :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, of course, but I wonder how many eyes rolled on first sight at that topic? :roll: I hope he has a smashing night tomorrow!

When the cats are within the 10 yard line, why aren't they just handing the ball to Jesse?

Because they're way too busy turning it over to the opponent.

I was thinking a three back set with Lumsden, Radlein and Holmes.

Imagine the hole that could be opened for Holmes.

But you could give it to any of our backs.

Actually reading the title of this thread, it could be interepreted by "got to go" that he needs the ball more so give the ball and then "got to go". Optimistic mood today I guess. :wink:

Man, the picture in the paper this morning shows he's got some pipes, didn't realize he was that big. Must be his Dad's cooking I guess. :wink:

Yeah I was aware of that other possible interpretation, but decided to take the risk anyhow. I didn't read the paper yet, but I do know one thing. You can't eat your way to muscle. Hard work and then some more hard work is the only way to pipedom.


Hey - I resemble that comment…

You can't eat your way to muscle

True, it's all about working out more from what I hear. Isn't that what Mark McGuire and Barry Bonds were saying also? :wink:

Bonds and McGuire will never be looked upon with the same respect and admiration as a true home run hitter would. Hollow accomplishments.

Might as well since we refuse to throw the ball or are unsuccessful when we do. Line everyone up in the backfield and try our luck at British Bulldog cause football has'nt been working for awhile now :smiley:

8) I bet his mother would get a laugh out of that comment !!!!!! :wink:

Very true Tipper, I hope my mom isn't reading this thread or else I'm up shiite's creek. Although my mom was never much of a cook anyways, with a last name of Norton, well, what do you expect I guess. :wink:

Or it could be interpreted as Jesse's got to go as in which way to the john. :expressionless:

sig, you're right, but you only qualify
for a Junior membership right now.

If you can find a local chapter
of the 'knife and fork' brigade

and religiously attend their
lunch and dinner meetings

and put your efforts to it,

I am sure you could qualify
for their Jumbo membership. :rockin: :smiley: :lol: