Jesse Lumsden's comment

CH TV Six O'clock News.

Jesse said..

it's a shame when we are in the 4th quarter
and some of the guys are talking about

where they are going after the game.


Maybe some of knotheads

who don't like Ron Lancaster's straight talk
can see 'where he is coming from'

when you hear words like this
coming from a player on the field.

But I doubt it.

Maybe with time, Lumsden will emerge as the leader that this team lacks so badly. I’ve been watching the CFL for a lot of years and I’ve never seen such a lacklustre bunch of guys on one team. When the Cats were getting blown out week after week after week, there wasn’t so much as a hint of a player taking charge of the team.

An Argo fan

Ron: I really expected more from you. I suggest you leave the name calling out of your disortations.

I'm certain that I'm one of the "knotheads" you are referencing. So be it!

I agree with Jesse too!

If these players purport to be professionals, the onus is on them to keep their minds on football during a game or a practice. The celebratory stuff can wait until later.

Lumsden is still a relatively young player and he has been with winning teams. On winning teams, you don't hear players talking about where to go after the game, you concentrate all of your energies on what's at hand and thats to play football to your fullest potential. Any player not willing to do this, should go find another career.

Please continue with your constructive criticizms, Ron, but please leave out the name calling. It doesn't become a guy of your stature.

Jesse and Desjardins are both right. This team is full of passengers and needs to be completely blown up.

what's a knothead????
.....and why do you leave spaces inbetween lines that you have not completed??
Kinda bugs me.

Don't ask Ron; he might make a reference to you.

I bet one was Jason Maas

And are the comments Ron Lancaster made
after Sunday's game right, too, ticatsackattack?

Jessie was out of line making that statement to the media. Wayyyyyy out of line!

(strange no fool here has yet suggested he name names)

Speak of the devil. Look who last commented, rocky123.

I was referring to Mark77's extreme negativism in lambasting Ron
for calling out the the team for their attitudes and play [click here]
in his 'Lancaster's Comments' thread and those supporting him.

Jesse's comments were right in line with what Ron said.

I was applying the 'knothead' term to those posters.

I wasn't applying that term to you, rocky123

When Ken Peters wrote that this team had serious character flaws way back in week five or six, he was almost universally criticized. Yet he was doing what he is paid to do, reporting on what he saw going on. He was forced to apologize to the players in order to keep doing his job.

When DesJardins said the same thing four months later, he was celebrated as a white knight.

When Lancaster said it a week after that, he was applauded for his no nonsense approach.

Now Lumsden's saying the same thing.

Can't wait till this circus leaves town for the winter.

I saw that on Sportscope last night, and thought "That guy can be a leader on my team any day."

Also, knothead:

laughing, why is that out of line ? Most of these guys will be out of football next season . They shuoldnt be talking about AFTER THE GAME UNTIL AFTER TH GAME RIGHT ??? That game was not a blowout and was very winnable . Winning is the only thing that matters anything else should be put on a backburner . Why would it be wrong for a guy to want his teammates to concentrate on winning the damn game rather than where they were going drinking !!!!


That is so appropriate for this thread.

Way to go!

Simple answer. It is not his business as a non proven player in this league to sprout off like that. Got it?

I'll take his heart and determination over the output of some of the so called proven players on this team anyday.

I totally agree with you Mycko.
Maybe it's time someone steps up and calls a spade a spade. If there's definite slackers on the team maybe they need to be exposed. Maybe they need to be embarrassed.....because they've certainly made this team the joke of the league.
As far as Jesse goes, it took a lot of guts for him to come out and say what he did. He's a kid with a lot of pride and has probably not been around that kind of crap on the sidelines from team mates before.

This team needs a enima....the sooner the better. :cowboy:

If only the proven players have a right to speak out, then Ivor Wynn would resemble a library. Jesse cares and that is a good sign!
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

Jesse doesn't want to be associated with these types of players and I don't have a problem with him saying this. This team is going to have to go through some stages of dealing with this season to emerge as a legitimate playoff contender even in a league where only 2 of 8 teams don't make the playoffs. Along the way of this process, things are going to be said that will irk some but that's the way it is, this is what happens when a team is down and out - and needs to happen often I think for the team to get back on track and get rid of the floaters and bring in people committed to performance.

If you have a problem and you are a leader you fix it from the inside out. you dont make comments to the media about a player or players. this is out of bounds by jesse buti understand what he means and agree. leaders are made and formed in the lockeroom not in the press. hes got a lot to learn and it only shows how badly we lack discipline and order.