Jesse Lumsden

For a change of pace from all the TiCat changes. Redskins released 12 players todayaccording to their web site. Jesse is still on the roster. Final roster cuts must be made by Saturday. Good Luck, Jesse :thup:

Any idea how many more cuts are coming?

I hope he's cut and plays for Hamilton.
Selfish bastard, I know.

he has a good opportunity because carter is out for the season i think? and portis wont be able to play untill the season. this gives him an added opportunity ... problem is they may be keeping him around for a tackling dummy untill everyone gets healthy. only time will tell.

he’ll make like 200 grand to go on practicedevelopmental squad if he doesn’t make intial roster.
or he can come back here for the last 7 games and join the party.
which one do you think he’ll do?

Redskins have to release 22 more players by Saturday.
Chances are that if Jesse makes the team it will be on the practice squad. We'll see.

True, but NFL tackling dummies get paid big bucks.

An Argo fan


what's really mindblowing is in his last exhibition game he only got one carry,but (here it comes)....
which is 1 more than what corey got sat night.

[quote="emms1"]whatHe also caught 1 pass for 11 yards. Not much playing time. Here's hoping they give him more touches before the final cuts.

yes nfl tackling dummies that make the team....i was saying that he may be a tackling dummy for the end of preseason....and guess what they dont make alot of money. but it gives him an opportunity to get game film which allows other teams to look at you. by the way practice roster is a bout 160 000 which is nothing to turn your nose at but that is divided over 18 games and players get bounced on and off pr and sometimes activated. who knows what will happen but make sure you read the quote next time b4 your smart response and you wont have to feel foolish.

I think that for a Canadian to make it in the NFL he has to be head and shoulders above everyone else. Jesse will only make it if he is just that. Good luck to him.

NFL Practice roster players make in the area of $60,000 - $90,000 depending on the length of time they stay on the roster and whether or not they get promoted to the active roster. :slight_smile:

your right and im glad you posted that i couldnt remember. anyways point is that although he may be there as a tackling dummy he can use this circumstance to get noticed by other teams.

How many players can be on an NFL roster?

.....lets drop the No Fun League babble and forget Mr. Lumsden too.

P.S.: If he's cut, please don't come back because we already have more tallent we don't use so you're not needed.
Thank you.


I hope you stick Jesse but dont come back unless you REALLY want to be here and are committed for the long run .

Why does everyone knock this guy for trying to make it in the best league in the world. Yes I think the CFL is a better game but not a better league.
The money is in the NFL and players careers are only a few years so who can blame him wanting to make it. I know I don't. His shot is now when he is young and not 30.
Even if he makes it to the practice roster it might give him a chance later.