jesse Lumsden

We need Jesse back,not because he would necessarily turn around the Cat's misfortunes but he is needed to provide some excitement.He was exciting to watch everytime he touched the ball.I don't know about anyone else but I have found most Ticat games over the last several years to be very dull.(Don't tell me about the tents in the endzone,new scoreboard etc)

Haven't been dull for me ohoh. sure, some games are better than others and I do wish we would have won more. But not dull, love going to the games and the stadium and yes, the new video board helps also.
Jesse is with the Skins and good luck to him, he isn't needed to make it more exciting unless he can run through defenses without any holes and score, something not even Jesse can do, the holes have to be there.

Hopefully we can get him back, the word is he is 1 of 4 trying for one roster spot (SP T ) Bob pay him to come back please he,s worth what Williams is getting

Right on, Earl! Never been more fun.

Lumsden would be a total waste, to me he didn’t do anything special last year except run through holes that William Shatner could run through. No way Lumsden is an improvement over Holmes and Ranek

Roomer has it He's Going to Make Washington This year so He Won't be Back..

Another Mistake By Marshall

Jesse was never and will never be the solution to an Offence that can't seem to get only a few plays down. Plus, a running back can't be exciting when he can't get past the O-line.
You find him so the Redskins. thread.

Sorry guys. Yes Jesse did make every touch he had pretty exciting but Washington signed him to a 3 year deal. There might only be 1 roster spot for 4 players in Washington but Jesse will get the spot because releasing him would force The redskins to pay a pretty large amount of his contract.

running backs need holes to run's never exciting when they don't

How is a mistake by Marshall? Drafting him? No...GM does that. Signing him to a one year plus an option? No..GM does that. Not getting him to play out his option instead of signing with the 'skins? He might have had some input on that by talking to him, but in reality..he signed the 1+1 so he could do just that.

I think your hatred of Marshall has clouded your judgement.

raneks been a complete bust.

re-sign lumsden.

He's been injured with a thigh thing drummer. Give him a break with this injury.

A three year contract doesn't mean much in the NFL unless its guaranteed, and there's not many if any of those contracts handed out...if Jesse gets cut his three year contract is null and void.

jesse wont be back.. they like him alot in washington.. i check the updates on the sie often and it looks like if he doesnt make the active roster he'l be making lots of cash on a practise squad


Maybe my eyesight is fading at my advanced age of 31...but I didnt see Bob blamed in this thread.

yeh that was ment for another topic i posted itin the wrong page

I guess some of that blood was oozing out in your eyes, eh Blitz? :stuck_out_tongue: Too bad we haven’t seen too much of this oozing blood this year.

No fair - William Shatner is quicker...

The Eagle

I agree with ohoh.The football in Hamilton has been dull for years.Years of two and outs.No sustained drives.We've seen tons ofinterceptions and dropped passes.No one expected Lumsden to be the Messiah buthe was fun to watch.