Jesse Lumsden

If Jessie lumsden were to get cut from Washington What are we going to do then? who has to go? Ranek,Holmes,or lumsden? :slight_smile:

Lumsden for a HB and a Safety.

Agree Trade Lumsden..
But He Will Stick with the Skin Taxi Team

Sounds like, from rumours heard by the Sun, that Lumsden is going to be sticking with the Skins. I think it might be the Skins and NFL way of stealing one of ours like the Argos and CFL stole one of theirs ie. RW.

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Jesse's dream ie. I want to make some big time money at this friggin game whereever that is, might just come true.

Lumsden for a STARTING DB and perhaps a pick.

I don't see the point in getting rid of him, he's more skilled than Ranek and he is Canadian. American backs like Ranek are a dime a dozen, and I'd rather see Anthong Davis in there instead of him.

Sorry Drexl, I'd rather have a player that WANTS to play in Hamilton. Jesse hasn't shown that over the past 2 years.

I disagree with Drexl too players like Ranek are not a dime a dozen. As much as I like Jesse cuz I do but he has made it clear that he wants to really try to make it in the NFL. Good luck to Jesse I wish him well but we can't keep sitting back and waiting for him. Having him for two months while he comes back like last year after not cracking an NFL roster doesn't help us long term. Sounds like he is Redskin Taxi squad bound so good luck to him. Ranek and Holmes want to be here.

I'd keep Jesse if he decided to mnake his career up here, He'll be 24, so he still has an upside.

Holmes is going to be 30 this year and a free agent I believe.

Ranek just turned 28 and is at his peak currently.

If one could sign Holmes to stay as a returner, I'd trade Ranek.

So Holmes is going to be 30 big deal. They will work something out and he will still be around. Ranek is good as well and I think he may have a home here too. Yes we have Radlein and Anthony Davis but when you can keep guys like Ranek and Holmes who are cleary two of the CFL best you got to keep them

If Anthony Davis is as good as I’ve heard he might be (I missed the preseason games and training camp so I didn’t get to see him play), then maybe good backs ARE a dime a dozen in the CFL these days. Though I suppose Ranek is our only true “power” back.

I’d say it depends on if Lumsden will sign a contract extension if he gets cut. If not, ship him out for some defensive help

Who says any of those guys has to go?

Keep them all. Let Jesse ply his trade as a returner at first, and rotate him in at running back, fullback, and slot from time to time. If this means bye-bye Yeast, I'm ready to wave.

Lumsden has got speed, size, and hands. We'd be nuts not to try and make a place for him.

Also consider that Holmes isn't a lock to stay on the team yet, so trading Jesse would be a very premature decision.

Also consider that Holmes isn't a lock to stay on the team yet, so trading Jesse would be a very premature decision.
That is the dumbest thing I have heard today.

I meant beyond 2006 wiseguy. I believe Corey is going to be a free-agent.

They are going to look at structuring a new deal. This guy is way too valuable to let go. As everyone has already seen

I hope so. Katz’ genius in making the trade will need to be followed up by a master stroke to get him to sign long-term.

Corey’s not a selfish guy, but if I were his agent I’d advise him to wait and see what kind of offers he gets, because every team in the league would be willing to make room under the new SMS.

I don't think Rob Katz is the kind of guy who would pull the Trigger on a major trade like this and then let guy just walk away at the end of the season.

Good running backs from the States graduating from college who don't have the physical bodily stats for the NFL are a dime a dozen. But that's not the problem folks. The problem is getting these guys to come up here and play for the money they get here while they could start earning money in their hometown or near there. It's not easy getting Americans to come up here, hell, even with the money the NBA and Raptors can dish out, they still have problems getting guys to come up here at times.

This is the major problem and I remember reading this in Pinball's book, most guys have really never heard much, if anything, about the CFL when they were in college in the States, they are all just thinking the NFL of course which they see on TV, they don't see the CFL on TV much if at all.

And again, proof that the Global Village isn't so global even with all the technical media stuff today. I hate this term BTW.

What? That’s the first I’ve ever heard of this problem. It’s only big names the Raptors have trouble signing, just look at Jay Williams, he’s begging the Raptors to sign him, the same with anyone who dreams of making the NFL will gladly come up here. Just look at all the players who dish out huge amounts of cash to attend CFL tryout camps.

True, but if Corey wants to go somewhere else it doesn’t matter what Hamilton wants.

Ty-pex is right. He’s not a lock.

I like the suggestion that we keep them all.