Jesse Lumsden

Jesse Lumsden's contract expires with hamilton on February 15th, i think saskatchewan should sign him, because then we have 2 good running backs, and they can just ulternate between the backs, pluss if one gets injured, we always have the other. I mean Stu Foord is good, but lumsden is better. Pluss lumsden is an awesome Runningback, and he's with the worst team in the league, i think with his talent he deserves to be with a good team.

Last thing we need after this year is a walking bandaid.

Lumsden's injury-prone, regardless of how much he denies it. If it's up to me, I'll take a pass on Lumsden in Regina, and wait for someone who can put in more than half a season.

Lumsden would fill a hole presented by Szarka leaving.

But then again, so would Foord and Hughes.

I think Cates, Foord, Hughes, and Hugh Charles on speed dial works for this team.

Saskatchewan already has a Lumsden . . . it is about 15 minutes north of Regina.

Lumsden career is about done, he is always hurt, and is a burden on any team that picks him up, really is to bad as when healthy is exciting to watch, Riders definetly don't need another band aid.

first off, who says Szarka is going anywhere???

And why would you think Lumsden would play fullback?

lumsden sucks. He is cocky, reminds me of a lion with that hair or mane thing he has going on, and he is always injured. No thanks.

Perhaps a move to slotback might be a better plan. Just not with the Riders.

Or safety.

(Despite being a KJ fan), I tend to laugh at the future shop commercial with KJ and Lumsden bragging themselves up, knowing full well they produced it at the beginning of the season. Who knew? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Me too. Ban all Riders from ever being in these commercials. They are bad luckā€¦grin

Cocky or not, he's good

Why does everyone hate Szarka so much, i think he awesome, when he gets the ball he's a tank, he showed it in the hamilton game. He's too big to go through the middle, but when he's on the outside he's good, they just need to give him the ball more.

He could get the ball none and he'd still be good. He's obviously lost a lot of speed, not that he had a lot to begin with, but he's like an extra offensive lineman the way he blocks.